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Your favorite hobby?

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As I like my old music occasionally I mess around and this is my latest little project to keep my mind busy.

its cheap headphone amp with 2 valves. A hybrid design and uses a buffer circuit so the valves are not the amplifiers but they do impact on sound so I’ve changed out the Chinese valves that came with it to this pair of Russian valves and it’s cleaned up the sound and tomorrow I should receive 2 Burson V5i dual Op Amps that will replace the Texas amps that are onboard. 
then I’ll look at the power supply and see what can be improved and I’ll remove the the volume pot and find a nice one to replace it with. 
I may be tempted to really go overboard and fit some larger Burson Op Amps but I’ll need to make 2 holes in the upper case so I’ll wait to see what it’s like first. 
Not sure I like the blue leds either so they may go too.


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My hobby is not similar to yours. However, my favorite hobby is to collect different type of skulls . They come from the ancient Japanese mythology. They're also used by the Japanese museum to decorate and it also reminds the ancient time  


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