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Netgear XR500 with sky fibre max


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Will try to make this as short as possible...

Ok so having moved house I took fibre out with sky and I'm now having the garage (offset to the rear of the house) converted to an office/ gaming room and I really want wired connection. I have a Netgear xr500 from my old house and being on virgin previously I could just put it into modem mode and have everything run through the Netgear.

Because it would be too much of a big job running a wired connection from router to garage I'm thinking of having my xr500 act as a switch via powerline adapter in the garage so would look something like this


The question is would this work and offer me a good wired connection and the second question is would I still get use of the features of the Netgear xr500 router? I will be doing a mixture of console and pc gaming and would also want the ability to run my phone/ tablet off of WiFi as well...

Or is there an even better method? All help greatly appreciated.



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I'd recommend the above also but would suggest you do Skyrouter-netgearxr500-powerline-poweline_garage--devices instead as that would ensure all devices in the home can connect to the WiFi. I'd test it this way first to see if the WiFi can reach the garage.

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