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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, I've read here that if I want to use my xr300 with Sky (SR203 G.Fast router) I'd need to add the xr300's WAN IP to the DMZ I tried doing this but when I go to the xr300's settings, the wan IP shows as Is this because I need to connect the xr300 to the sky router via ethernet first? edit: I think I have solved the issue but I have another question, do I now have to disable the wifi on my sky router to prevent double NAT? I added the new WAN IP to the sky DMZ but still getting double NAT
  2. Hello all, So sorry if this is a duplicate post, I've tried reading through other issues relating to the R2 and the Sky Q router and can't get my head round it all. Tomorrow my R2 arrives. What I want to do, ideally, is put the R2 in the DMZ of the Sky Q router and then connect everything to the R2. Am I right in thinking that will bypass the Sky Q router (which can't be put in modem mode) and avoid double NAT? If so, could someone give me a step by step guide as to how I do this? Thanks so much and sorry again if this is a stupid question or a duplicate post!
  3. Will try to make this as short as possible... Ok so having moved house I took fibre out with sky and I'm now having the garage (offset to the rear of the house) converted to an office/ gaming room and I really want wired connection. I have a Netgear xr500 from my old house and being on virgin previously I could just put it into modem mode and have everything run through the Netgear. Because it would be too much of a big job running a wired connection from router to garage I'm thinking of having my xr500 act as a switch via powerline adapter in the garage so would look something like this Skyrouter-powerline-poweline_garage-netgearxr500-devices The question is would this work and offer me a good wired connection and the second question is would I still get use of the features of the Netgear xr500 router? I will be doing a mixture of console and pc gaming and would also want the ability to run my phone/ tablet off of WiFi as well... Or is there an even better method? All help greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi guys, I have an R1 and I have the latest Duma OS. I am looking for some advice. My ISP is Sky and my main router is a Sky Q hub. I have my R1 connected directly to Hub. I have the majority of devices (phones etc) connected to the hub and I have my gaming things i.e. Xbox one x, PS4 and switch connected to the R1. The issue I am having is that rather randomly the R1 will freeze out all devices. When I try and login to the R1 at this point, (usually from my iPhone) it will say I have the incorrect WiFi to connect to the R1 meaning I have to hard reset the router. The Sky Q hub in my experience can be quite flaky but the R1 errors are becoming more and more frequent to the point were it is now a daily occurrence sometimes more than twice a day. Could I ask for some help to address the issue? Thanks for your help. Ian Williams
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