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R1 constantly drops connection

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Doesn't matter how many times i reset or what i do this router constantly drops the internet connection.  I'll reset it then it drops it after about 5 minutes.  Just started doing this within the last month.  Huge pain.

Oh and it's not my internet connection.  When i go directly into the desktop i have absolutely no issues.

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What is your exact physical setup? E.g. ISP router/modem > R1 > AP router > devices etc

Are you able to get the log file for us when it disconnects please?

Is there anything that you seem to be doing specifically when it drops? 

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Under system information, there's a Log at the bottom, and in the side menu there's a button you can press to download the log. If you could download a copy of this file after the problem occurs, and then upload it here once the internet comes back up, that would be great. We can then see in detail what errors occurred at the time.

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