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  1. Sorry but what do you mean what router connected to net (isp). I have at&t mobile data plan. I plug the sim card into that and have ethernet running from thatbto the xr500. Keep in mind im a complete noob
  2. I have a static ip from the isp so i put that in the internet ip address and applied the ip address for the mr1100 in the gateway ip. I have my dns set to manual on the mr1100 so i used those numbers in the dns settings. I already had an ip assigned to the ps4. Would you suggest assigning an ip to every device? Look ok?
  3. You da man! Let me set all that up and I'll let you know.
  4. So turn dhcp off on my mr1100 then all the other settings are done in the xr500 correct?
  5. It's just so weird how if i let it sit dormant for a while and i don't play i have no problem once i start. Then after an hour or so everything goes to shit
  6. so I turned the ps4 off all night then started playing again this morning. Everything was working great until I got the following in the log skipped spike rtt: 281.811 last rtt got that 3 times then it connected again. It was a different number each time.
  7. Thanks for the help but well... you're speaking a different language lol. I have the MR1100 serving the XR500 alone, then the XR500 serving all devices in the house.
  8. Hmmm Will geofilter still work? and no I haven't tried that. Only turned qos off but traffic has always been enabled.
  9. I just don't understand how it worked for hours after the reset now I'm back to the same thing as yesterday.
  10. I'm not saying it will make a difference but should i set my router mac address to the ethernet mac address listed on my mr1100 dashboard?
  11. Well crap. Back in the infinite disconnect loop. It was fun while it lasted.
  12. Im connected again but my speed are through the floor
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