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  1. Yeah that's my base ping but i don't run a test before each time i play. I just start low and work my way up. Didn't seem to matter what time it was before nor did it matter what my ping assist was set on as long as it was as low as i could go and still find a match. Now none of it seems to matter and i didn't change any setting whatsoever
  2. Well my base ping fluctuates between 40 and 70 I would say. I usually start with ping assist set at 40 and slowly increase it until I find a match.
  3. So does anyone know if Destiny changed there matchmaking? I haven't changed my settings one little bit. Still have the filter location in the ocean, strict mode OFF. I can tell it's still filtering out bad connections because I see them blocked all over the map but when I find a match, it's very laggy. All the stickyness and terrific aim I was experiencing with these settings is seemingly gone and I feel like I'm back at square 1.
  4. Noticed something last night that you all might already be aware of. I was playing in a fireteam but wasn't the fireteam leader so I had it in spectating mode. Then I was made leader and put it in filtering mode. It did nothing. Didn't filter a bit. So I had everyone leave the fireteam then join back up. Then it started to filter. Results weren't as good as when I'm solo but it was definitely filtering out some bad connections. Long story short, the geofilter does not work when you'r simply promoted to leader in game it seems they must join on you. Anyway, thought that might be some good info
  5. Great to know you guys are on it!
  6. I always have my radius set to somewhere in the pacific ocean so yeah, everything is outside my radius. going by what you're saying, it's like I suspected. It's using my fireteam members to bypass the Geofilter?
  7. Ok netduma tech, is there anything that can be changed to make matchmaking while fireteam leader act like it does when you're playing solo?
  8. So basically in Destiny the only time the netduma helps is when I'm playing solo?
  9. I'm just using ping assist. I have the radius out in the pacific ocean. It was finding us Comp matches in under 20 seconds. At that point I knew it wasn't filtering anything.
  10. Ok question time. been messing around with the ping and if I go too low obviously I can't find a match. Totally expected. Then I decided to play some comp and two of my buddies joined my fireteam. They are both in my allowed list. So I go to search for a match expecting the wait time to be very long but instead, it found matches incredibly quick and they weren't lag free matches at all. Is that because they, being in my allowed list, are making connections outside my geofilter parameters? would it help at all to deny them? side note, when I had a full fireteam it didn't seem to matter how low I set the ping it would still find us matches fairly quickly.
  11. If I were to guess I would just bet it was the game. Only happened once out of at least 20 matches yesterday.
  12. Well that's not the case here. I always run with strict mode off as was the case when I got booted last night. Only happened once but I have no idea why.
  13. Awesome thanks. On question number two, I originally started at 40 and kept moving it up by 10 until it started finding matches. On 60 it just searched forever. My base ping is fairly high so that's probably why. Will my experience be better on 80 as opposed to 100 as long as I'm still finding matches? Basically is the lower number always better as long as i'm finding matches and not getting booted? I did get booted mid match last night once. I was killing it and got beaver error. Not sure what happened.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Wish someone would have told me about the filter location a long time ago. Is there someone familiar with destiny that can answer the above question?
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