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  1. Not why I bought it. I wanted consistent good connections for pvp. Nothing more. Unfortunately the software doesn't accomplish that in the least.
  2. I have constant issues when using Geo-filter with Destiny 2. One of the following two things happens every time I try to use geo-filter. 1. I'm booted to orbit as I'm flying into a match (usually beaver error) 2. I get into the match but my connection is so hindered it's unplayable. I'm sure all those here that play destiny are familiar with the connection status bar. Well next time you use geo-filter check your connections status bar while you're in a match. Chances are the bar is barely visible or at the very least cut in half. Not sure why geo-filter does that. Geo-filter seems to work fine as far as getting you paired with hosts that are in your search area but if it destroys your connection what's the point?
  3. It's like hidden or something. For some reason I copy and past it but it only shows up if I highlight the area in which I pasted it.
  4. Then I got this and I have no idea what it means. [DumaOS] Error parsing line in ARP table: 'fe80::201:5cff:fe68:6046 dev brwan lladdr 00:01:5c:68:60:46 router REACHABLE', Thursday, December 03, 2020 17:43:45 day, December 03, 2020 17:29:31
  5. I'm getting this error over and over again but there isn't a device in my house that has this MAC address. At least not one that's turned on. [WLAN access rejected: incorrect security] from MAC address a8:e3:ee:67:72:6f, Thursday, December 03, 2020 17:27:18 Scratch that I found it lol
  6. I'll try that soon. Little more difficult to try that out
  7. I've already switched cables but I can try a different port.
  8. Cable directly connected to router and yeah just changed the cable this week
  9. Used wifi all night and no disconnects. So that's good BUT I don't want to use wifi.
  10. Please remember that I'm using a ps5 now and having the same disconnect issue I was with the ps4. The only thing I don't have in common with my friends is the XR500
  11. It's my ethernet connection to the ps5 but it might be happening to everything I'm not sure. It only disconnects for a few seconds so I can't be sure. I have to close the game and restart it but I do not need to reboot the router.
  12. Just had the disconnect happen again and took a picture of the log. Also pictured is the wan setup.
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