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  1. Hello. Recently moved and got my nighthawk hooked back up. internet seems to be working just fine but there are no icons on the geofilter for anything. No players or servers. I'm kind of thinking I'm not filtering at all. I play destiny 2 btw.
  2. Not sure but I'll do that. Either way it disconnects.
  3. Same thing again. Once I get in the match this happens. If I shut down destiny it goes back to normal.
  4. No I can't really tell. I just know that after a long period of time it turns off. No I don't keep my ps4 in standby. Also I have this going on. Everything starts up just fine but the second I get into a match (destiny 2) ping plotter blows up. I reboot and go through the whole process but it keeps doing this once I get in a match.
  5. Maybe this is a settings issue but my nighthawk disconnects from the internet after hours of inactivity. When I get home from work or get up in the morning I have to reboot the nighthawk to start using it. Internet LED on the front is still on when it happens though and my modem says I'm still connected.
  6. Ok yeah tried it in incognito mode and still not loading. tried private on both chrome and firefox. Just spinning wheels.
  7. Tried on chrome and firefox. Not sure how to do a private mode
  8. Idk maybe the problem is on my end but the R-app is taking forever today and at many times never loads at all.
  9. I got it. I had to go in and manually adjust my maximum down/up speeds from the hamburger menu. Then once I moved the sliders the changes took affect.
  10. I can move the sliders but it doesn't actually adjust the upload download cap. I'm at 67 down at 100% but when I move the slider to say 70% it still reads 67 down. If I leave the screen and come back they're right back at 100%.
  11. While using firefox I can't get antibufferbloat to save my settings. Stay's at 100% on up/down no matter what. Same with internet explorer
  12. Firefox brings me to a screen telling me my old password is not secure and I need to reset. Is that right? Forget it I just skipped it.
  13. Had this exact issue and it works with other browsers. internet explorer works as well
  14. That's exactly what's happening so I'll try a different browser and let you know if that worked.
  15. Cleared the cache last night with no results. Haven't done the release renew. I'll try that tonight.
  16. So really strange. Can't login to my XR500 anymore from my desktop. Takes me straight to the password reset screen no matter what. If I try it from a laptop using wifi I get right in. What gives?
  17. Sorry but what do you mean what router connected to net (isp). I have at&t mobile data plan. I plug the sim card into that and have ethernet running from thatbto the xr500. Keep in mind im a complete noob
  18. I have a static ip from the isp so i put that in the internet ip address and applied the ip address for the mr1100 in the gateway ip. I have my dns set to manual on the mr1100 so i used those numbers in the dns settings. I already had an ip assigned to the ps4. Would you suggest assigning an ip to every device? Look ok?
  19. You da man! Let me set all that up and I'll let you know.
  20. So turn dhcp off on my mr1100 then all the other settings are done in the xr500 correct?
  21. It's just so weird how if i let it sit dormant for a while and i don't play i have no problem once i start. Then after an hour or so everything goes to shit
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