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IPv6 question

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I know you recommend disabling ipv6 as it doesn’t work correctly with the QOS. However, my speeds are 1000/20, so I don’t think I’ll ever be in a situation where bufferbloat or QOS will be needed.

So, i want to enable ipv6.  What settings should i use to do so? Auto detect, auto configure, dhcp, etc. Thanks for your time!

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I could only pass an ipv6 test if I set it to dhcp and auto config for the second option. However, I can no longer access my modem status page when ipv6 is enabled. A couple of website will no longer work as well. Any reason as to why?

Also, apparently netgear filters icmp requests for ipv6 which from what I can understand is a bad thing with ipv6. It seems that it is a fundamental requirement to NOT filter icmp for ipv6. There are countless post across the web about people’s frustration with netgear for this as they don’t allow you to disable this filtering function. Netgear seems to be aware of this but either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care and refuses to remedy this issue. This is probably why netduma always says to disable ipv6 in the first place.

Why are there so many headaches with these big companies and expensive products? You’d think it wouldn’t be this way. 

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I got everything to work I think. Only time will tell. I had to set it all up and then reboot my modem and router to get my modem status page to start working again. Seemed like my ping is a little lower now but that could just be coincidence. 

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Guest Killhippie
On 5/29/2019 at 6:32 PM, Netduma Fraser said:

Not just for QoS we don't recommend it but because there are headaches like these, especially while it's still not widely used. Are you giving the LAN devices IPv6 addresses also?

I don't understand why you think IPv6 is not widely used, Fraser. below is a list of UK providers using IPv6, some are ISP's some are back haul providers etc and the list is no way exhaustive. Telling people that IPv6 is not used that much is not really accurate, I mean BT are a massive ISP as are Sky and thats just two. IPv6 is now really common now. In the US Ipv6 is pretty common these days too, with AT&T Internet Services, Cox Communications Inc, Sprint etc. See links for both UK and USA.





Hurricane Electric LLC

Sky Broadband

Zen Internet Limited

Hyperoptic Ltd



M247 Ltd

31173 Services AB

Iomart Hosting Ltd



EE Limited

Mythic Beasts

DigitalOcean, LLC

iomart Cloud Services Limited


ENTANET International Limited

RIPE Network Coordination Center


Virgin Media

Spitfire Netowkr Services








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