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  1. I just love how a 300 dollar router comes with features that don’t work 2 years into its life cycle. It’s just how I’d love to go purchase a brand new car with a non functioning A/C even though it’s an included feature. Then for 2 years I’m told that it’s a relatively new feature that i don’t need and I should just roll the windows down and be quiet.
  2. Can you guys at least tell us there will be a major update before 2020? If you can’t, then I’m starting to think everyone on this forum got conned out of their hard earned pay. I just don’t understand how it’s legal to charge someone 300 dollars for a router that doesn’t function properly. Let alone doesn’t function properly 2 years after release. We didn’t buy the router at a used router dealership nor did we agree to spend 300 dollars on a beta test program. We were all led to believe we would be spending our money on a finished product. Here’s an analogy. If I went and bought a brand new car of the lot with a proprietary auto drive function and was told that it also comes standard with leather interior, a/c, and a CD player yet the car i received had none of those standard features and the heavily advertised auto drive feature intermittently stopped functioning leading to numerous accidents and the only support I received was some people telling me to politely piss off and gave me no time frame on when the issues would be resolved if resolved at all, you better believe someone’s ass is getting sued.
  3. All your packets will go through if you aren’t using your full bandwidth.
  4. You only need priority if your connection/bandwidth is fully saturated.
  5. Would you mind uploading some clips of game footage so we can see what is happening on your end? And with a 200/200 fiber connection, you probably don’t need to use QOS. I find with my 1000/20 speeds, it’s best when I use sliders at 100/70 respectively or disable QOS completely. I stream so I always use QOS when streaming and sometimes disable it if I’m not streaming.
  6. I got everything to work I think. Only time will tell. I had to set it all up and then reboot my modem and router to get my modem status page to start working again. Seemed like my ping is a little lower now but that could just be coincidence.
  7. I could only pass an ipv6 test if I set it to dhcp and auto config for the second option. However, I can no longer access my modem status page when ipv6 is enabled. A couple of website will no longer work as well. Any reason as to why? Also, apparently netgear filters icmp requests for ipv6 which from what I can understand is a bad thing with ipv6. It seems that it is a fundamental requirement to NOT filter icmp for ipv6. There are countless post across the web about people’s frustration with netgear for this as they don’t allow you to disable this filtering function. Netgear seems to be aware of this but either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care and refuses to remedy this issue. This is probably why netduma always says to disable ipv6 in the first place. Why are there so many headaches with these big companies and expensive products? You’d think it wouldn’t be this way.
  8. I know you recommend disabling ipv6 as it doesn’t work correctly with the QOS. However, my speeds are 1000/20, so I don’t think I’ll ever be in a situation where bufferbloat or QOS will be needed. So, i want to enable ipv6. What settings should i use to do so? Auto detect, auto configure, dhcp, etc. Thanks for your time!
  9. Trust me, I know how bad this netcode is. Treyarch games always have issues with this. I’ve ran into the same issues you describe, more so earlier in the games lifespan but it has been happening much less for the last few months. And 2.7 kd is very good, so I wouldn’t get too discouraged from this game. Its an engine issue not a router issue or ability issue obviously. I was mainly generalizing. Sorry for coming off like a dick but a lot of people that complain just simply aren’t as good as others. I’ve seen countless posts around the web where people complaining include a video to go along with their complaints and it becomes very clear they are just getting outplayed or playing poorly. One of those posts was shared some time ago on here somewhere. I’m sure the next, slower paced game will reduce these issues.
  10. This is true. It’s what people refer to as “cameraing.” It’s essentially a layman’s term for engine lag/peekers advantage. It’s why sliding and jumping around corners is more effective than just walking around it. There’s around 100ms of lag on the other persons screen so you should see them at least 100ms before they see you then add latency on top of it and you can get a serious advantage. It’s shitty but it’s either adapt or get angry. You should try to slide around corners and cancel the slide with ADS as much as possible. The later you wait to slide around the corner the better. You basically want to slide right before you round the corner and cancel it as soon as you come around the corner and shoot the guy in the corner. This is why dexterity is such a clutch perk in this game if you want to excel. Also, do you ever feel like someone jumps over a ledge or through a window and kills you before you can even see them? Same concept except you get around a 150ms advantage. Someone on reddit did all of the engine lag calculations with respect to movement on reddit if you ever want to see them. The next cod shouldn’t be as bad as I doubt it will be as fast paced and have as much advanced movement.
  11. Do any of you people ever stop to think maybe you aren’t as good as you want to be? No router, no settings, no internet will make a bad player magically the best player in the lobby. You either have it or you don’t. I constantly hear this “shoot first die first” nonsense. Most of the time you both probably think you are shooting first. That’s the thing with game engines paired with online play. You will always see things from the past (late). Just plug in two controllers and go to a custom game and figure it out for yourself. Also, just because you shoot at someone first does not mean you shot as accurately as they did. On each players respective monitor they both appear to be “shooting first” because of latency and inherent engine lag when in reality they are probably shooting around the same time. Again, whoever doesn’t miss is going to win most of the time. If you are having troubles getting quick kills, it’s usually an accuracy issue. If you are not able to eliminate the majority of your opponents in a quick 5-8 shots in core game types, you need to actively improve your shot. If you find yourself in these engagements where you shoot 10 shots and can’t finish the enemy, disengage, regain composure, and try again. You don’t always have to commit to a gunfight. Also, move. If you sit still a lot or don’t strafe in engagements, you’re asking to get killed. You get more aim assist while moving too. Some of us don’t miss, really. Some of us are masters division in league play because even before good internet or fancy routers, we were just better. Some people just don’t know how to play cod “right” even if they’ve been playing for 10+ years. This goes for most FPS in general. Not trying to be a dick in this post but sometimes people need a wake up call. Stay calm and practice. And practice correctly. Bad habits and bad muscle memory are just as bad as none at all. Make a conscious effort to evaluate your deaths and what you could have done differently. Yes, you will get joked every now and then, it’s cod, it comes with the territory but if it’s frequently happening, maybe it’s time to start looking inwards.
  12. I think having a visual representation of a trace route overlay the geofilter for the current host would be cool and helpful. Just run maybe 1 trace route when you initially connect to the server/peer/host and have it show you as much as it can (because we all know some hops are private *** hops).
  13. He isn’t playing hardcore. Did you even watch the clip. There isn’t one times he died where he shouldn’t have. He was using an ak before it was buffed. He was getting shot first almost every time. He got shot by more than one person a lot of the time. He flies around the map without any awareness. He misses shots. He’s running into lmgs that 3 shot kill, Maddox prepatch (best gun in the game), and the melt machine swordfish. Seriously, if you think he got joked in the clip, you probably aren’t that great either. You seriously thought this clip was hardcore. You’re lost. He’s trying to run and gun with an ak when he should be using a sub or maddox. At least use an elo instead of the red dot.
  14. Treyarc games are notorious for bad netcode. Always have been. This game is notorious for “cameras” or peekers advantage. If someone jumps around a corner or better yet slides around it, they will see you before you see them espcially if you aren’t host. The aim assist problem is also on treyarcs side or even the player you are playing. If you pay attention, it’s usually one player that gives you the issues. They are more than likely running stock 2 strafing back and forth at 100 mph or have a connection that helps them. The character model and the hitbox will feel as if they don’t match up on your end. Also, if you aren’t moving, you get less aim assist as you only get target slowdown and no rotational assist. This is the most run and gun a cod has been in a while. I’ve also found more success having an in game ping of 50-60 rather than in the 25-35 range. Seems like the lag comp helps more than a good ping (dumb, i know). You have to realize that no router can make a bad base connection good too. This router will not lower your ping, just help you dial it in and keep it stable. DPI might add one or two ms to your ping but it will be stable. The school of thought is a consistent 30 ms ping with a deviation of +- 5ms is better than a occasional 25 ms ping with a +- 50ms (these are just random numbers I’m using to make the point). Also, better people are going to be on the newest game. Some people are just better than you. No router will make up for just not being as good as you would like to think you are. If you don’t play competitively on third party sites (gamebattles, CMG, etc) you will likely run into some people who do that will just be better than you. This ties into the shoot first die first complaint i hear a lot. You might shoot first but if you miss 5 shots and they miss 2, there’s a good chance you are losing that gunfight if they react accordingly. That’s how “turning on” people works. Some people just don’t miss and never get off the game.
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