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Router Keeps loosing all internet connection.

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I have a XR500 router and a CM1000 modem... I have a few thing hard wired and the rest is on wifi. threw out the day I just randomly lose internet. I can still see everything connected to my router but everything looses internet. I have tried factory reset and i'm on the latest firmware.

I have tried disconnecting from router and directly into the modem when this happens and I I can see that im still connected to internet. All the lights on the modem are working correctly so i dont think its that.


UPDATE: I tried upgrading the firmware to XR500 V2.3.2.40-C424a  (https://forum.netduma.com/topic/28523-new-xr500-hotfix-firmware-for-drop-outs/)

This appears to have made the matter worse, as now it disconnects more frequently. I tried looking at the log but I cant seem to find anything out the ordinary. (I can post logs if needed)


Pls help. I already posted this in the regular netgear forums, but I figured since its running yall software yall might now better on what exacly is going on

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please perform a full factory reset seeing as you have installed the latest firmware. If the problem persists after that let us know. Also could you swap your ethernet cable from the xr500 wan port that goes into your modem!

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