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Another 83 kill gameplay!? :O PS4 #NetDumaGameplay #DUMArmy


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On 4/23/2019 at 5:35 PM, N3CR0 said:

@bbursley Playing on PS4 and don't know what servers... got my geo over 5 EU dedis.

wow lol, im sure ps4 has a larger player base. That would likely attribute to frequent good connections versus worse ones? I love my xbox but tbh I feel like so many hopped on the PS bandwagon and that really hurt xbox. Again, as we know this is reliant on netcode that determines how that variance is handled. Ive considered hopping on over to the EU servers and test that out, or at least the ones here in Texas, but at least going overseas my data has no choice but to hit fiber to get there.

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