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Hi, I recently got Fibre to the home in Ireland. I have been told that as there is an ONT with ethernet installed, I can connect the router to that without the need for a modem. However I have been told that I need to vlan tagging and that the router must have vlan to wan. I know that the nighthawk XR500 has vlan tagging but does it support vlan to wan?              

My friend is with the same ISP and is currently using a Netgear D7000. It seems from online posts that this router has vlan tagging but not vlan to wan but still works perfectly fine with the ONT. Does the xr500 have the same vlan mapping capabilities as the d7000?

I will link below a short guide on how to use a router with my ont so you can check to make sure that the xr500 is capable of this.

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

The link you provided doesn't work. I'm unsure if it has the same capabilities as the D7000 as they use different software than the pro gaming routers. There is an existing rule under VLAN that can be applied called Internet, change it to the tag you need and see if that works. If not then it would be beneficial to call/open a ticket with Netgear via support.netgear.com

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