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Found 6 results

  1. Just received R2 yesterday, after I plug it into my modem(directly, no any other router between modem and R2) and complete all steps for setup. Then I run speed test, just found it only provides around 90/80 download/upload speed. However, my ISP does provide 500/250 mbps for download and upload. Then I suddenly found it only shows 2 green lights, as the introductions of this modem: 2 green lights means 100m device 1 orange and 1 green light means 1000m device. From the picture attached, my current router ASUS N66U and my pc could be identified as 1000m device, and actually could get 4xx mbps download speed without issue(my pc) N66U only 300mbps download. So I am not sure if any settings could affect this, then I surveyed some articles to follow and did some steps: 1. Turn off IPV6 and QOS: not working, still 2 green light, and max speed won't over 100 mbps 2. Downgrade firmware to test: not working, still 2 green light, and max speed won't over 100 mbps 3. Upgrade to latest firmware to test: not working, still 2 green light, and max speed won't over 100 mbps 4. Factory reset: not working, still 2 green light, and max speed won't over 100 mbps I did think maybe cable issue, currently I am using the CAT 6 cabled attached with R2 box, but it got this issue. And switch the cable to current device which does got 1000mbps. EX: My pc could be identified as 1000m device, so I used its cable to plugin R2, however still 2 green lights, limited in 100mbps. So I am not sure if any other way to check if its WAN port got any issue here? I am worried it is a hardware issue, ex WAN port Could this be checked by remote access of tech support? Thanks for checking this.
  2. I have had the Netduma R2 for a few months now and I am having a lot of issues. It can be working fine but suddenly it cannot connect to the internet. My setup is as follows: Wall - EE smart hub - Netduma r2 - TP-link power line adapters - devices. I have tried with IPV6 on and off with the same issue. I have tried running the Netduma r2 as the DMZ on the EE smart hub, restarting it seems to be the only solution. I have noticed that when the Netduma is not working, it is not appearing as a device in the EE smart hub router settings despite the lights on the Netduma being on and connected to the same port. I would really appreciate an answer as I am on the most current firmware. Also the DumaOS is extremely slow and often comes up with the error code: This operation is taking longer than expected, please briefly wait before using this Rapp. I am happy to try anything, I am somewhat knowledgable but this has me stumped.
  3. Ever since I got my R2 it's had issues pulling a WAN IP from my ISP/Modem. Sometimes after several reboots of both devices it will finally get it. Most of the time the dashboard says WAN disconnected or oddly sometimes it pulls a WAN IP of an internal network, 192.168.100.x. I have no clue where it would pull such an IP from. The modem is just a modem, not a router. Plugging my computer into the modem pulls the external ISP IP without issue with a simple ipconfig /renew. Why is the R2 having so many problems in this area? I'm at a point now where I want to throw this POS away because I've spent over an hour now trying to get back online to no avail.
  4. Hi all, I apologize if this is a repeated topic. I will go directly into it. My ISP renew our IPs 2 times a day, at noon and at midnight. Sometimes, when that IP renew process happens, the XR 500 enters into a loop getting a new IP every few seconds and the only way I have found to fix it is rebooting it. As soon as it is rebooted, it works. This doesn't happens every time my ISP renew my IP, the issue happens only a few times a week or a month. It seems to be completely random. I know of this loop because in the logs I can see something like this: [Internet connected] IP address: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, Saturday, April 04, 2020 13:21:51 [Internet disconnected] Saturday, April 04, 2020 13:21:42 but repeated a lot of times and every a few seconds. During this loop, I have no internet. My setup is the following: 1 modem/router provided by ISP (it is on bridge mode) and the XR 500 is my main and only router connected to the internet through PPPoE. I am really positive that this issue may be solved by the new DumaOS 3.0, but anyways I wanted to post it here to see if someone has a fix for this. Thank you in advance,
  5. Hi, I recently got Fibre to the home in Ireland. I have been told that as there is an ONT with ethernet installed, I can connect the router to that without the need for a modem. However I have been told that I need to vlan tagging and that the router must have vlan to wan. I know that the nighthawk XR500 has vlan tagging but does it support vlan to wan? My friend is with the same ISP and is currently using a Netgear D7000. It seems from online posts that this router has vlan tagging but not vlan to wan but still works perfectly fine with the ONT. Does the xr500 have the same vlan mapping capabilities as the d7000? I will link below a short guide on how to use a router with my ont so you can check to make sure that the xr500 is capable of this. Thanks http://finbarrbrady.com/2017-07-13-replace-eir-f2000/
  6. Hi: My NetDuma cannot connect to the internet (wifi or hardwired). When I tested a Netgear Nighthawk X4S it was able to connect to the internet both wifi and hardwired. I have been in contact with someone from NetDuma via email, but I figured I would use the forum. While connected via Ethernet, I am able to connect to the Netduma interface. WAN settings currently are: WAN MAC Address - Disabled WAN VLAN - Disabled IPv6 - Enabled MTU - Enabled PPPoE - Disabled WAN IP - Disabled Any help would be greatly appreciated !!!
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