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Netduma not accessible after being plugged into router/modem combo

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Hello! I've been dealing with this problem for some time.  To access the Netduma, I cannot plug it into my Modem/router combo or I lose access to it. Unplugged, I can log in without any problems. This includes switching wifi networks and lan ports as well. Its as if the Netduma becomes invisible but still functions maybe as a switch for the console? I cannot make changes to the firmware without disconnecting from the main network. Has anyone else had these problems? Thanks. 

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Do you have the netduma in the DMZ or is it getting assigned a static IP? If you navigate to the IP that the modem/router combo is assigning it then you should be able to access it. Can you see that list of IPs for devices? or is that not possible?

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56 minutes ago, MrAllusive said:

and just like that.. it started working!?! Thanks.. last time I used it was Jan 16th because I couldn't access it. Using http://r1 got it to work.. the Ip address didnt.  Thanks

Great to hear it. Double check the LAN IP in Settings > LAN and see if you can then access it using the IP

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