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  1. and just like that.. it started working!?! Thanks.. last time I used it was Jan 16th because I couldn't access it. Using http://r1 got it to work.. the Ip address didnt. Thanks
  2. Hello! I've been dealing with this problem for some time. To access the Netduma, I cannot plug it into my Modem/router combo or I lose access to it. Unplugged, I can log in without any problems. This includes switching wifi networks and lan ports as well. Its as if the Netduma becomes invisible but still functions maybe as a switch for the console? I cannot make changes to the firmware without disconnecting from the main network. Has anyone else had these problems? Thanks.
  3. I spent about 15 minutes speaking with others in a lobby. They are non netduma users. They are having the same issues. Also, with Nuketown out there are tons of people playing that so match making is slow in normal game types. I think the dedicated server issue is on the BO4 side. I can see the dedicated server when I load up the game I can see it pop up. It disappears after and doesn’t come back.
  4. Yep.. I can’t join dedicated servers since the update.. I can host.. but I can’t really get into games for some reason. That is unless enough hangout long enough to fill up the lobby. Its range is 800 miles with the server inside the ring and ping assist is set to 90. I get a solid 46 ping to that server all day.
  5. Yep me too... im either getting peer to peer over 800 km away or it’s trying to connect me to Europe and somewhere in Africa and I’m on the east coast in America.
  6. Any tips for getting open nat on PS4? Showing moderate..
  7. Seems to be better now. I decided to leave it in normal router mode on modem and set netduma to have a permanent ip from MAC address and then put it in the DMZ. I can acccess it now for some reason. Thanks!
  8. Hello! I have a Technicolor C2100T modem router combo. I am trying to only use the netduma router. So, when I try to put the modem in apparent bridge mode.. I cannot access modem or netduma.. after a factory reset of the modem.. I get access back. When I unplug the netduma network cable and restart it I can access it through the web browser like normal as long as it is unplugged from modem. Kinda at a loss here for what to do. I want to be able to freely log into the Netduma not just set the settings and not be able to modify it on the fly. Thank you!!
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