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Region change possible on XR700?

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I have the opportunity to buy the XR700 from someone in UK (i am in US) for only $200 or so,  just wondering is there a software setting on the UK/EU models which allows region change to USA? Reason being that I prefer to use wifi channel 157 on the 5ghz band, this isn't usually available in the UK due to local regulations. I know on my old (spare) Netgear R6300v2, the region can easily be changed via a drop down menu but no idea if the same can be done on the XR700.

Thanks :)

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52 minutes ago, Netduma Fraser said:

Hey, welcome to the forum!

There is no way to change the region on the inferface, the list option is greyed out.

I deleted my post as I thought I had given bad information, but I am correct you can actually change the region and use channel 157.....I have just done it and taken a screenshot!.............................But this is on the XR500 but assuming it can be done exactly the same on the XR700 but as my unit died I cannot confirm.


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