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I just wanted to ask a question  i dont think its been asked here before

In ping plotter my line has ping spikes about 10ms  to 20 ms jitter this in when the line is saturated  

my base ping is around 11 ms to servers i use in test

These test are done wired never wireless 

I cant post the results as  i cant


How do i know when i should  move the congestion sliders from 70 %Downwards  as this is whats recomended and im currentlty using

As there are two sliders one for download and other for upload

So how do i know when i should move the upload sliders when using ping ploter

I thought ping plotter was only used to mesure your download

I would like to know how you can tell when your downloads is correct setting on cc   so now you can correctly se up the upload as well 

In the past i used to  tweak these with dslreports  but yo guys here say its unreliable  so thats why im trying to figure out 

I hope this made sence

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I would lower/raise both the sliders and redo the test while connection is saturated to see if you can get the jitter as low as possible. Once you've found what the best is just leave it as that and it'll be the best for your connection. Trial and error basically.

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Ive been trying that but i just cant get rid of the spikes when the line is saturated

So theres no real way i can know icant do them individualy

Thats how i used to do it on dslreports  one at a time

first i would get upload  done then after download or vice versa 


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Could you post here a screen shot of your line idle and then one when you are using congestion control.

On Ping Plotter press file save image, when you are ready to screen shot.

To add the files to a comment drag the saved files or click on choose files just below the comment box, then once it uploaded click on the + on the picture to add it to your post.

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Sorry their in wrong order i had to edit to sort it out

The firrst image is idle line with cc set at 70 70 cc  all my tests are wired my pc cant go wireless

And the 2nd with saturated line ie watching  skysports live and bt sports live with 70 70 cc sliders



www.twitter.com congwsted.png


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16 minutes ago, kinel said:

I just checked no it aint

Anit buffer bloat is set to always

I am sure you have done this already but I have to ask, have you pressed on the setting burger to reveal where you enter your bandwidth and entered the correct values?

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2 minutes ago, kinel said:

Yeh i have the correct values entered

Is the device you are watching the streams on in traffic priority on the QoS CC page?

What do your plots look like if you use say 50% CC thought at 70% you should not being seeing spikes like that anyhow.

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One of my devices i was using was my ps4  sky go   the other is my  galaxy tab with bt sports

My ps4 in trffic prioritization is set as console  i havent put my galaxy tab in there

Normally i would  put the ports in traffic prioritization   but i dont know what they use

I could see the ports in network monitor

Also if set at 50 %  still the same bad spikes

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Oops my bad 

I just relised that traffic prioritization wasnt enabled on my ps4

only the default dumaos clasified games enabled

I am now doing two more tests 1 with j ust sky go the other with both skygo and bt sports on my galaxy tab 

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hers first test both sky go an btsports app running

ps4 traffick priortisation enabled defo this time

high traffick not detected no red light also during test bt app keept stoping


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heres second test ato me looks lot a lot better  only skygo running on ps4 traffic priortisation enabled278130707_www.twitter.comskygo1.thumb.png.77be6ab1d72e609dfe61562bf02fc9fe.png

stilll not showing in high traffic priotisaton no red light

also during both tests i tried anti buffer bloat settings both always i tried and when high traffic detected still red light wouldnt light up

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hers another test bc

 with skygo running same settingd as before and 70  cc

High Priority Traffic not Detected  no red light

i will also do a test with 50 50 cc sliders after as well



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