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COD WW2 CA(US) to UK Serveer

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Netduma R1 with Xbox.


I usually try to run a 400mi (645km) radius to my location in central California.  I know I am literally a few hundred miles from a few servers here in CA.  When I have strict mode on and 0 ping assist, it literally takes me 5-20minutes to find a game and this is during peak hours.  However, when I put my Ping Assist to 30ms, I get connected, but it is usually to a "UK Server" 5K miles away( I very very rarely get connected to CA servers or US servers).  I seem to have better luck when I do not use the Geofilter and usually get connected to a game in the US that is relatively close to me that has a good connection.

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Sorry for the late reply, forgot I made this post, was a little hammered lol.


Can I provide the ID or something to help you all out to properly relocate?


Yes, please provide the ID and we can check if we have it in the wrong location. Let us know in your post where it approximately appears on your map. Thanks!

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