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Huawei hg612 modem & XR500

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Hi all, I read on another post about inputting my ppoe details into the HG612 modem instead of the xr500 in order to give a better experience?

Is there anyone on bt infinity & beyond who has done this? 

If so how exactly and has it made a difference?

I have an unlocked modem and I know how to access the interface but I am unsure about any other settings that may need to be changed on the modem or the XR500...... 

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Hi Buster - it's best just to let the modem do PPoE for you so this is a good step.


Once you have done it, power off and then back on again both the modem and the router and you should be good to go. If you have a NaT issue, make sure you turn off UPNP on the modem and leave it enabled on the XR500

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