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  1. I have the XR500 and it's on the latest 2.x.x.x firmware and at times, it gets so sluggish both with wifi and wired. It got so bad at one time that I had to reset it to factory defaults. Problem: I use my computer for work and have several meetings consisting of audio/video and this device has hesitation at random times both using wired and wireless connection. All of the iPhones and sometimes the Apple TVs experience a delay in response when loading an app or streaming app. Occasionally the gaming PCs have the same issue.When this happens, I check my ISP speed and 99% of the time, it checks out as correct. Just overall, it's random and the XR500 is just overall sluggish. At times, DHCP doesn't even work until I reboot. Games played: PS4s are all pretty much exclusively Red Dead redemption 2 Online. Gaming PCs are a mix of League of Legends, Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, Halo, Valorant, and several other online shooters from Steam and EPIC. Here is my scenario and my config below: ISP: AT&T Fiber gigabit internet Modem: Arris BGW210-700 (Internal WiFi is entirely disabled and DHCP as well) Switches: *****Ground Floor is Nighthawk S8000 *****Upstairs is a Netgear GS108-400NAS 8 Port 10/100/1000 dummy switch ****Basement is another Netgear GS108-400NAS 8 Port (The Netgear GS108 switches are there because I was not happy with multiple S8000's on my network) Environment is explained below but it goes as follows: modem->XR500->ground floor S8000 and also to basement Netgear GS108 Modem (only used to authenticate to AT&T and is bridged to my XR500 but my wife's computer is not affected by reconfig/reboot of XR500 because it is directly connected to the modem with a static IP. All modem settings are disabled including DHCP) WAN Port: Uplink to AT&T Fiber connection Port 1: Uplink to XR500 Port 2: Wife's work computer Port 3: S8000 Switch Port 4: Open XR500: (Actively providing DHCP, QOS is not configured, GeoFilter is not configured and there is no DMZ and very few port forwards to the PS4 Pro) Port 1: Uplink from Modem and priority critical Port 2: Uplink to Ground Floor S8000 Port 3: PS4 Pro on ground floor WiFi Config: Guest network disabled. SSID is encrypted, Smart Connect enabled, WMM enabled, Beamforming enabled, EU-MIMO enabled Ground Floor S8000 setup: All default settings and is configured as such: Port 1: Basement Netgear GS108 and priority is critical Port 2: Open Port 3: Apple TV on Ground Floor and priority medium Port 4: DirecTV box and priority low Port 5: Ground floor TV and priority los Port 6: Philips Hue hub and priority low Port 7: Open Port 8: Upstairs GS108 Basement GS108 setup: Since it's a dummy switch, the ports are scattered with the following 7 wired devices connected: Mac Pro, PS4, PS3, Gaming PC1, Gaming PC2, Wii Plus, Smart TV (one port not used) Upstairs S8000: Port 1: Gaming PC 3 and priority medium Port 2: Nintendo Switch wired via its dock and priority medium Port 3: Open Port 4: Open Port 5: Open Port 6: My work PC and priority high Port 7: PS4 Pro and priority critical Port 8: Uplink from and priority critical WiFi Devices: There are a slew of devices such as 5 iPhones, 5 iPads, Apple TV Upstairs, Roku Stick, 4 wireless security cameras, 4 laptops, Ring Doorbell Hopefully I've provided enough information on the situation but if not, please feel free to ask for more. I also downloaded the beta of DumaOS 3 wondering if it may help.
  2. I had to factory reset my gateway and take the xr500 completely out of the loop for my kids sake. They are all on chromebooks doing home schooling and every period they attend the virtual learning of each teacher with zoom meeting but starting Wednesday last week zoom was not able to connect they would join the class but then get dropped. Talked to school technical support did all these foresters in chromebook but in the end I reset my ATT fiber gateway back to stock and connect to it and everything works flawlessly. on the xr500 side it’s running the beta firmware and multiple factory reset dances have been performed. Regardless of all these resets only thing I noticed that wasn’t right was ipv4 and ipv6. I never really cared about ipv6 but within inner circle of friends on Xbox everyone would be running ipv4 and ipv6. Right now even though my ATT gateway has ipv6 enabled my console is getting an ipv4 address but my kids come before my gaming so as long as school keeps spinning for them I will sit on sidelines. I’m curious if anything in the next firmware update will help with this. Gratuitous ipv4 currently on console not bouncing back and forth from ipv4 and ipv6 like it would when the xr500 was connected.
  3. Hello, I recently started having issues with my xr500, where the Eth1-Eth4 lights went from white, to orange. I noticed when they turn orange, they stay orange until I turn the router off/on. When the light is orange I notice I get really slow download speeds. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry in advance if this has already been discussed, I tried looking prior to making this thread.
  4. I had never experienced this with .56 stable firmware within LAN detection of Arlo Pro 2 security camera base station registering as a gigabit connection. Now with the 3.0 beta firmware the base station is working fine but it is being detected as a non gigabit connection. Light is orange instead of white. I have factory reset router as a standard after firmware update process. The base station is also one of the many devices that bounce between online and offline modes in device management.
  5. Netgear announced that the beta for DumaOS 3.0 is now open for all users for XR 500/450. @Netduma Admin @Netduma Alex @Netduma Fraser Can you create a topic here to report any issue? It really more comfortable to use your forum instead of Netgear forum...
  6. So today we saw the new beautiful machine R2!! Congratulations guys!!! i have a lot of questions about that... you say that it will be release 6th August with the DumaOS 3.0. That means that we have also the DumaOS 3.0 that day?? On the XR routers?? I hope that you will not give a time exclusive on the R2... And now I want ONE honest answer... I must sell my XR500 to buy the R2???? Which is better?????
  7. RPC ‘ERROR_NOENT’: Rule not found in chain This happens when I delete GEO FILTER or WHEN I CHANGE MY QOS SLIDERS AND BANDWITH ALLOCATION. Any Fixes ?? I did reboot router and factory reset & still the same error
  8. Hello, As a lot of us are spending a lot more time on our home wireless networks these days I've started to get annoyed by connectivity problems that had me digging into my network setup a bit more. I became aware of the concept of bufferbloat and did a number of tests using Pingplotter. What I've found is that I can easily saturate my connecting triggered very high latency and massive packet loss. None of these problems exist on my wired connections, as I have gigabit up & down that is nearly impossible to saturate. In playing around with the anti-bufferbloat settings I found that if I restricted things way way down (50mbps) that the wireless connections would behave. Obviously this is not an ideal solution though, as I have a decent amount of hardwired devices throughout the house that take advantage of having much faster speeds. From what I can tell, my other option would be to manually crawl through the bandwidth allocation and set caps based on wired or wireless devices. This isn't really ideal either, as my devices table is huge and I don't want to have to go manually adjust the limit every time a friend brings a new phone over. It seems like this should be a common use case...are there any other options that I'm missing here?
  9. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi to everyone!! Here are the official answer from Netgear Twitter account why they take too long for DumaOS 3.0...
  11. OK. This has happen twice now in 3 months... Yesterday my XR500 stopped handing out ipv4 addresses. I was still getting ipv6 addresses, but I don't know if they were from the XR500 or being passed though the XR500. (The XR500 is in the DMZ of a ARRIS NVG589 Residential Gateway.) While this issue was occurring, my devices appeared to be connected to the network, but were unable to connect to the internet. This time it affected handsets, laptops, and a TV set (built-in Hulu and Netflix apps were failing). I went into settings on some of the affected devices and saw that they were only assigned a ipv6 address and not a ipv4 address. They XR500 DHCP is supposed to assign addresses in the - range. When I notice this is happening, a simple reboot of the XR500 fixes the issue. What can I do to help troubleshoot this when it happens again? I did not notice anything in the logs. I would like to be able to capture and provide feedback if it happens again.
  12. So when to expect DumaOS 3.0 for netgear Xr500?? Also this firmware upgrade will fix the issues of the router? Like Internet drop Can't restart the router etc?
  13. Hi dear NetDuma team, All these tests were done against an XR500 running last official version of NetDuma software (V2.3.2.56). Here I come again... I have tested hybrid VPN in the following configuration: - Direct Wifi connection to my XR500 and here, everything works - Connection to a relay wifi on my extender and hybrid VPN does not work (I waited long enough to ensure the new IP for my PC was registered correctly in the device manager) - Ethernet connection to the extender and here same thing, Hybrid VPN does not work (same as above). The only difference is, when going through the extender the mac addresses are re-written as the extender acts as a proxy. The extender is the Netgear Nighthawk EX7700 and there is no choice on proxy or not proxy when it comes to configuration. I have already experienced the same behaviour with geofiltering. Now maybe you can try to convince NetGear to change their software on the EX7700 so that it allows the MAC addresses not to be rewritten. I am not expecting any fix on the current software, but I do hope that netduma 3.0 has been tested with re-written mac addresses, once again happy to test 3.0, I have already registered myself with Netgear but so far nothing. So it looks like that for some reasons, as soon as any of my devices goes through an extender (netgear, tp-link,...) none of the useful features are working. I was almost about to get an R2 just to make sure to get my hands on V3 but if this type of configuration hasn't been tested then there is no reasons for me to get 3.0 at all and I am fairly confident that I am not the only one using a Netduma based router with an extender to relay the wifi (as not everyone has their houses/flat fully wired in cat 6 and/or the wifi signal strong enough to go everywhere). Best regards, FX.
  14. Hey hey, after my recent-ish issues where I had to RMA my XR500 I ran into a different problem on both the pre-RMAd and the after RMA device: The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this R-App. When I check the logs I see a few [DumaOS] R-App store cloud sync failed, Saturday, July 18, 2020 07:09:38 On the old device I simply shrugged it off since I was gonna replace it anyway, but on the new one (fresh setup, after Firmware update) it's pretty annoying ngl A few symptoms: Dashboard loads super long after popping in the message: "Please briefly wait before using this R-App" Geo-Filter, same spiel - long load, same error. Render is it unusable. QoS, same long load, same error. Render is it unusable. Device Manager, same long load, same error. Render is it unusable. Hybrid-VPN, same long load, same error. Render is it unusable. System Information, seems to work. Settings, seems to work, i clicked through all the instances. If I click, on any App (i.e. Network Monitor), I can't attempt to access anything else until the app "fails" to load and then allows me to enter the Settings for example Edit: After doing reboot number 4, it seems to work for now. Only made this topic because after rebooting 3 times, on a new device it didn't work. Maybe helps QA
  15. Hi all I've a issue with lan ports since two weeks. After 3 - 5 days all lan port blinked and i have no signal. Wifi works fine. Router restart fix this for 3-5 days. Bevor no problems. Model: XR500 Firmware: V2.3.2.56 Any solutions?
  16. After setting up XR500 local network connections are extremely slow, when they work at all. I cannot ssh into my server which is connected on LAN from any devices on WiFi. Similar situation with the services hosted on the server with SAMBA shares inaccessible and web services failing to load. I have tried adjusting QoS to give the two devices more bandwidth in case that was an issue, I have also turned off QoS completely, no dice.
  17. I have used both models for years now and after many different configurations and test i find that my R1 seems to perform better than my much more expensive Netgear XR500... Has anyone else come to the same conclusion? without doubt the XR500 out performs the R1 in many aspects especially wifi but over wire connections i feel that the R1 is achieving better bufferbloat and stable latency/ping. i tried everything on my XR500 to achieve A+ ratings on dslreports with no luck, if anything it seemed to make everything worse. Don't know if the R1 uses different queue management algorithms or if its a firmware issue. will be interesting to see how the R1 performs with the new 3.0 firmware. I think the Mikrotik routerboard that the R1 uses is a very good router and maybe Netgear routers are not quite as well suited for the same tasks... Or is it all placebo and perception? hope they bring out the R2
  18. Hi, I recently managed to get myself a second hand XR500. I seem to be having some sort of DPI issue with duma classified games router tends to detect priority traffic but it doesn't seem to be correct. For example it's mostly noticeable in BO4 where I can see the ingame ping. With only dumaos classfied games checked I get jitter in game about 15-5ms. Same happens if I chose my ps4 as console with dumaos classfied games disabled. But when I enter the ports manually 1-65535 in source and destination my ingame jitter drops to about 5-3ms resulting in a way smoother gameplay of any call of duty game. I tried using a bt hub 2 and having XR as dhcp with all devices connected to it and using a modem with it I tried netgear dm200 and now a bt g.fast modem with pppoe details on the xr. And my gameplay only seems smooth when using all the ports prioritised with dumaos classfied games disabled. The issue I get with it is that when dumaos classfied games is on I can notice a delay in hit markers which I'd say is about 50-100ms but it happens randomly during the gun fights. Also that results my bullets going completely blank and doing no damage for example using the sword fish in bo4 its a 5 shot kill gun but with the dumaos classfied games enabled it can take as much as 15 bullets to kill or it can take just the 4 which is weird. I usually play at about 12-13ms ping to the server in uk. At least that's what autoping is reporting. I get 142 down and 30 up I have my qos sliders set at 70% set as always. If I plug in my r1 with original fw it tends to work perfectly also if I run the test on r1 I get exceptional on everything with ping variation only being about 0.5ms. The reason I don't want to use the r1 is because it doesn't cover the whole house with wifi and my missis complains 😅 so the XR500 seemed like a reasonable investment. I tried rolling back to which seemed to make jitter slightly better at about 10-3ms but I had same inconsistencies with the gameplay. But both firmware versions seem to work really well just with all ports in traffic priotization. I was just wondering wether it's a know bug or am I just setting something up wrong?
  19. I'd say my knowledge is above average when it comes to tech/internet stuff. I can usually troubleshoot pretty well given I can Google almost anything. But I've completely exhausted my resources and don't know what to do anymore. For starters, here's what I got. I have the 1000 down package from Cox. I have their modem/router plugged to the wall. And my XR500 plugged into their modem/router. Then I have my PS4 wired into the XR500. I've moved plenty of times in the past and have had numerous routers. So setting up internet isn't new to me. I forwarded the ports needed for Modern Warfare on PS4 and it still didn't make my NAT Type Open in-game. I made sure UPNP is enabled. I have geo filter turned off. I resetted everything multiple times. I'm beginning to think this is a Nighthawk issue and not a PS4 issue. I never had a problem with routers getting over Moderate NAT even if there's a modem/router in-between them and the internet. I know turning on Bridge mode on the modem/router might alleviate that issue but I never had to do this in the past and even Netgear doesn't recommend turning on Bridge mode. I also don't know how I feel about using DMZ servers. I've never done it before but I read that it makes my internet more vulnerable to attacks. Something I also noticed is my game lagging more. I play competitive so I'm in custom games lobbies 90% of the time. I would get noticeable lag spikes where my game freezes for 5 seconds and I would end up somewhere else in the map (usually dead). No one else is experiencing this in the lobby. There's also a noticeable delay/lag with my bullets actually landing on the opponents. And I know this can mean several things but if I can notice it with just a day of playing with people in similar servers then I feel it's legitimate. It's my first time using Duma OS so I won't be surprised if I did something wrong with it. If anyone with more experience can help then I'd greatly appreciate it.
  20. Hi guys Just wanting a little help with an issue on my router not being able to register the PS4 some times. I've tried a lot of different setups over the last year and see it come up in different places after a facreset Some times its when bringing it into the device manager for the first time, It just does n't register as a playstation and has (Unknown)(Computer) and other times when setting up port forwarding/trigger or reserving an IP again (Unknown) This then seems to lead to games not being bandwidth restricted even though the speed test on the playstation says that everything is working eg. PS4 upload is 900 kbps but in game it says that the bandwidth is 4122kbps and this will not change no matter what bandwidth I allocate and it happens with different games. It was all working 2 days ago and then it wasn't , whats going on???
  21. I cannot get the geofilter to work on the XR500 for Destiny 2 on Xbox One no matter what I try. Let me preface this by stating that I've tried using the Destiny setting, stopped using the Destiny setting and set my range to the minimum of 69 miles and set my location in Antarctica, tried auto ping only, tried strict only, tried both auto ping and strict, added both of my primary consoles in the Add Device section, tried wired and Wi-Fi and have the bridge setting turned on in my gateway. Nothing works. The reason that I purchased this router was strictly for the geofiltering, and I've talked to a few people that have it while gaming that said they set their geofilter to only match up with themselves and it works 100% of the time. Unfortunately that was awhile back and as they were random players on different continents I didn't bother adding them or asking more about it. I use my consoles to help people rank up in comp by win matching. If you don't know what that is, I have 2 host consoles and bring 2 players into each party. I then launch into comp, choosing which console to launch first to ensure that is the one that gets host, and as soon as they match but before they launch in I back out the fireteam that isn't host. The host fireteam loads into a match with no opponents and it's an instant win for that team and no loss for the other team. I'm a PvE player. I haven't played competitively in over a decade, and have no desire to. Most of the people that I play with are in the top 100 or 200 in raid leaderboards, strikes etc. and have no interest in playing PvP, nor do I. That being said, certain guns can only be acquired through playing comp. Rather than employ a method that would be considered cheating and hurting other players' stats, I do this to help people get the glory they need to acquire the guns they want (or at least the quests for them). I don't do kill lobbies. If someone wants the gun that bad then they can go in and get the kills the old fashioned way, but some people simply don't have the time, skill or friends with the skill to confidently go into matchmaking and hit the glory that they need. Not to mention people that manipulate connections to lag you out so that they get the win. Long story long... I was able to match up relatively easily when everyone was around the same glory (prior to purchasing the XR500), but if everyone was 4000 - 5500 glory except for one guy that was at 1000 glory they would never match. Hence the router purchase. I've spent hours and hours trying different configurations, selecting different consoles to be host (had some friends bring theirs over and was running 6 simultaneously) and still no dice. Is there a solution to this issue? Does geofiltering even work in Destiny 2 anymore? I can get it to work to where I can load into strikes solo, and I can also load into the tower solo. I can have both host consoles with a full fireteam load into their own instance of the tower or any planet, but for the life of me I can't get them to match up in comp regardless of the location I set or the settings I've tried. Please for the love of all things holy someone have a solution so that I didn't just throw away $300. Thanks in advance for suffering through my rant lol
  22. I’m installing security cameras soon and don’t want to put them on my main network. How do I do this with an XR500? What’s the best way to do this?
  23. i would like to request a Automated Scheduled Reboot Feature added to the firmware capabilities for the Netgear XR500 Router. this feature is present on every other commercial router. Reason: the Router Performance sometimes Degrades over time or will not put through internet data. After Reboot the performance is top again or the internet data will be put through again.
  24. I have recently purchased an XR500 Nighthawk gaming router, however I am having tremendous difficulty with setting the internet up. I do not have a modem (like it keeps mentioning) and plugging the provided black Ethernet (LAN) cable into the back of the yellow Internet socket isn’t doing me any justice. I am starting to believe that I need a modem for this? I am currently with Vodafone Broadband (UK) and I have been told that I can use this router with my broadband. I guess my overall query is, how do I get my current broadband to be on this router WITHOUT a modem, surely this is possible? Or perhaps even if I have to still use my Vodafone router with my XR500, I don’t really care. I have a BT Openreach master socket by the way (if that’s even worth mentioning) Any and preferably all possibilities would be greatly appreciated (as long as they don’t consist of a modem) Even if I have to go as far as purchasing a special cable, because my Openreach master socket has to have a micro filter and that requires RJ-11,which goes into the micro filter, and the micro filter into the master socket. I have seen the XR500 only allows RJ-45, so I was wondering if getting a RJ-11 to RJ-45 (RJ-11 on one end of the cable and RJ-45 on the other end) and obviously the RJ-45 will go into the XR500 and the RJ-11 into my micro filter, which is going into my master socket. I have attached a photo of what my master socket (or even my general phone line sockets look like around the rest of my premises, along with how it is plugged into the router) just so that anyone who has a solution can have a better understanding of what I’m dealing with.
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