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Maybe silly question but...

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Where you have filter by distance and filter location, can you make one not filter?


Why I ask, FIFA dedicated servers for FUT champs are not right, most show America with a 17ms PING. so I tend to filter by Ping not distance but there is no obvious way to turn one off and should I be turning one off?


So if I put Ping assist to 20ms and distance to max does that mean I only get a connection 20ms and below? Regardless why NetDuma thinks the server is (this is what I assume) or would it connect to anything(i.e. the 20ms doesnt filter out)

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Cheers so location in the ocean? so that forces ping match making. So if the server is within the distance but outside the Ping it still matches the server?

With your home location in the ocean you should shrink your radius down as far as possible. With the radius not covering any land, you'll avoid all hosts over the ping assist cap you deem acceptable, so there's no chance of connecting purely based on distance. Distance is a large factor in determining latency (of course you're gonna have higher latency to Australia than say Wales or France), but due to poor network setups at home, routing, cabling and people being on different ISPs, or even playing on WiFi, you could get awful latency to a guy literally down the road from you lol. Ping assist is great for avoiding this, so you'll never connect based on distance again.

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  • Netduma Staff

If possible, could you also click on the 'USA' server and let us know the host ID in this thread. We can then correct its location using our cloud to improve your experience. Thanks.

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