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XR500 optimal settings for PUBG on Xbox One X

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Hi ExtraCrispy86,


  1. Firstly if you're not on the latest version (V2.1.0.4) I would highly recommend upgrading to that version: https://kb.netgear.com/000053269/XR500-Firmware-Version-2-1-0-4 it contains bug fixes and many usability improvements to make the interface easier to use. My suggestions below will assume you're now on the latest version.
  2. You will need to make sure ALL devices are connected behind the XR500 so that QoS can be fully utilised to eliminate any local congestion, if you have devices connected to a router upstream then QoS will not be able to control everything and prevent you from lagging. Make sure to do that, specifically for your Xbox I would ensure you have it connected via ethernet to minimise latency. 
  3. On QoS for Anti-Bufferbloat make sure you have set your correct bandwidth speeds in the Anti-Bufferbloat options and that disable QoS is not ticked in those options. Then either choose 'Always' or 'When High Priority Traffic is detected' (if you choose this option it will only apply when Traffic Prioritization is enabled, please see below) for the Apply option. Then I would recommend starting with 70% for the download slider and 70% for the upload slider. This will prevent any other devices in your home causing you to lag while gaming!
  4. On Bandwidth Allocation depending on your speeds I would recommend giving your console around 30% of the upload bandwidth so it always has enough bandwidth if it needs it. 
  5. For Traffic Prioritization make sure that the 'All Devices / DumaOS Classified Games' option is enabled. You should see that it is working by looking at the Traffic Prioritization Information table and seeing the High Priority Traffic light appears and the high priority packet numbers start updating rapidly. 
  6. For the Geo-Filter make sure your console is not in 'Filtering Mode', put it in 'Spectating Mode'. Then look at the ping for the game, if it is high (100ms +) doing after doing all of the above then it will either be a bad server or a fault with your line.
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As I mentioned above use the 'All Devices / DumaOS Classified Games' option and you won't need to add it manually. If you were going to do it manually then select the games console service. Use that service for any games that you play on a console. 


I know that PUBG on the Xbox has been having a lot of issues with performance/lag so that is almost certainly the cause of the experience that you are having as after setting up the router how I've described you've guaranteed yourself the best connection possible.

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Hi ExtraCripsy,


Firstly to verify that pubg is being detected as high priority traffic, look at the high priority traffic packets feedback. You should see them increasing while you're playing.


Can you describe the lag you're seeing? What does your DumaOS ping graph show? Is your ping graph consistent or spiking?


If you don't know how to do that let me know & I'll be happy to explain :)

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