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  1. Hi All, Was wandering if there will ever be a software update to include dhcp option 60 & 61. I use Sky fibre unlimited, brought the xr500 and two different modems (Netgear DM200 & Draytek Vigor 130), neither will work due to the lacking of being able to send option 60 & 61 from the router. Now I am buggered, I dont wan’t to add more layers of devices to get this working. Thanks
  2. Hello I bought an XR500 router and after setup everything ran beautifully. About a week later, my internet speeds were cut in half. I pay for 300 down 20 up, I'm lucky to get 150 down and 5 up. I have tried just about everything. Turning off QoS, setting Anti Bufferbloat to never, setting bandwidth allocations. None of it works. When I connect directly to my modem, I get my full speeds. I never had this issue with my previous router, Nighthawk R6 (R8000) Notes: Ping via PingPlotter shows a heavily congested line. WiFi speeds work great. Any help or insight would be appreciated, else I'm going to have to return it and try a different model/brand.
  3. Hello, I have had my XR500 since its release and have always struggled finding the right congestion control slider settings. I noticed that my Duma OS app on my Android phone was recently updated so I checked it out and was pleasantly pleased that a ping optimizer was added. However when I try running any of the tests, it just hangs spinning saying "setup". Is this a bug? Why isn't this part of the desktop version? It would probably work better imo. Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions... Kizzbang
  4. is anybody selling a XR 700 or a XR 1000 im trying to replace my XR 450 Medium end router doesn't reach the full spec sheet of the fiber gigabit speed
  5. ...Or could it be something else?? I tried plugging it back in and all it does is stay at "network cable unplugged. I tried doing that tftpd thing and it just hangs and server interface keeps changing to 127.0.0 software loop. Was about to just go buy a new and better router but decided to ask here first if there's any troubleshooting I can try. Im all ears.. Power light stays on orange for about 7 seconds, then goes dark while usb, eth1, eth2, etc blinks white for 3 seconds, goes dark and repeats itself.
  6. Hello all. first let me explain my setup. All external cables are cat 8, cables in the walls are cat7 with cat8 keystones on them. BT Open reach Modem MT992 > XR1000 (front of house) Port 1 > XR500 (Access point) (back of house) > Port 2 > PS5, Port 3 > TV Port 2 > EX7000 (Access point) (middle of house) Port 3 > PS4 I have reinstalled the most uptodate firmware on to the XR1000 incase this may of been the issue inc restarting the router and keeping the power off for 5mins. I boot up as Modem (2-3mins) > XR1000 (2-3mins) > XR500 (2-3mins) > EX7000 (2-3mins) I have guest WIFI set up on the XR1000 and XR500, the EX700 does not seem to have a Guest WIFI mod (to be far i thought this was part of the same range as nighthawk/Duma) 1. The CPU usage seem high jumping around 80-99% even even low data being used (less then 1mb). after the reinstall of the firmware it has got a bit better. 2. The device map list show a lot of devices offline. can you can see in the network snapshot and Duma IOS app shows devices online and i know some devices are online. I have also made sure IOS is not in Private WIFI address and so on. also the Duma apps does shows how the devices is connected correctly e.g WIFI/Cable and online/offline. Devices connected to either the XR500 or EX700 if they show online they will show as on the lan (i am guessing this should be the way it work as going thought these that are connected to the XR1000 with a lan cable). 3. traffic rules time seems to be out by an hour. I have check routers time and it shows the correct time but the rules do not activate till an hour after time E.G i would like to turn off Kais PS Pro at 9pm but i have to pick 8pm in the time for it to stop at 9pm (no big issue but still an issue) 4. i have noticed some devices getting 2 IP addressed linked to them. (to try and fix this gave most devices a static IP address, ones on guest wifi do not have static IP)
  7. Hello all, I recently installed Pi-hole on a Raspberry Pi to use as a local DNS resolver and ad blocker. Normally, in the Pi-hole logs you will see activity broken down by local IP of device (see attachment). With the XR500 all DNS requests are coming through which according to Pi-hole documentation, is potentially the fault of the router. Does anyone know how I can change this? Thanks!
  8. real annoying problem with wireless connection ( connected but no data ) most of the time geo filter off speed limiter off everything default help, please the issue is there since latest 2 or 3 updates it started on the oldest firmware it was working fine , I tried many times to factory reset but the problem still there the problem only in wireless connection ethernet work normal
  9. I have been using hide my ass vpn well for 3 years. No settings have been modified. It hasn't been working since a few months. I need help.
  10. Hello Guys I have had a lot of trouble setting up my PS5 on the DumaOS software, I get this message photo attached. I have checked the default gateway, subnet mask and the IPv4 address. my PC's are working fully and phones its literally just the PS5. it's very confusing to me.
  11. i would like to request a Automated Scheduled Reboot Feature added to the firmware capabilities for the Netgear XR500 Router. this feature is present on every other commercial router. Reason: the Router Performance sometimes Degrades over time or will not put through internet data. After Reboot the performance is top again or the internet data will be put through again.
  12. I was reading another members post and read the recommendation to try different dns servers namely cloudflare primary and secondary servers throughout the years even before Netduma existed for me I have always wondered if outside the router level of configuration, at the console level in the network settings do I HAVE to also input those same services within the console software???? Will there be an issue of doing them both? Is it ok?
  13. So I am having intermittent connection drops to my device whenever I use hybrid VPN. Anywhere from 5-10min, the PS5 will drop it's lan connection, reconnect, and won't happen again until the PS5 is restarted. I've tried rebooting and factory resets, but these disconnects continue to happen. Sometimes the disconnect will keep happening until I power-cycle both the xr500 and PS5. Any suggestions? Is this a known issue on the XR500? Thanks!
  14. Forgive me if I’m late on this but is just a netgear side of update on firmware or was there anything on the DumaOS side of software that was ironed out???? as always still here holding it down waiting for a major update on firmware for the overall system.
  15. I live in Texas but for whatever reason it’s showing me best servers are European??? Is it actually locked on my side of the pond and it’s still ok to choose them or do I skip them and save only the ones over in the states????
  16. Hi peeps, I’ve finally got my hands on a PS5 and (maybe) a significant observation I’ve made, as far as lag-busting DumaOS is concerned, is that full WAN throughput is granted to game downloads and updates, regardless of games currently being played. Let me explain… I have a solid VDSL2 connection of 60Mbps down 15Mbps up and a base ping of around 9ms. It’s not the fastest connection in the world by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s been constant and rock solid for over 20 years. Previously on the PS4, I could download a game (or an update to a game) at full 60Mbps throughput. However, when I launched a game, that download speed would quite aggressively be capped at maybe 10Mbps. I assume this was PS4’s own QoS working (or possibly a hardware limitation), but frankly pings during gaming sessions while background downloads were in progress, were great on PS4. Currently on the PS5, background downloads do not seem to have this throttling. My full 60Mbps throughput continues uncapped while playing games, and pings can often shoot up to around 80-120ms because of buffer bloat. If you have a super-duper high speed connection then that’s great, because any degradation to pings will be short lived, but for people on slower connections when games might take many hours to download, this might be an issue. Not sure how DumaOS could manage this with both gaming traffic and downloads going through the same LAN IP but though I’d mention it anyway. ----- [Edit]: Good luck England!
  17. Hi dear NetDuma team, All these tests were done against an XR500 running last official version of NetDuma software (V2.3.2.56). Here I come again... I have tested hybrid VPN in the following configuration: - Direct Wifi connection to my XR500 and here, everything works - Connection to a relay wifi on my extender and hybrid VPN does not work (I waited long enough to ensure the new IP for my PC was registered correctly in the device manager) - Ethernet connection to the extender and here same thing, Hybrid VPN does not work (same as above). The only difference is, when going through the extender the mac addresses are re-written as the extender acts as a proxy. The extender is the Netgear Nighthawk EX7700 and there is no choice on proxy or not proxy when it comes to configuration. I have already experienced the same behaviour with geofiltering. Now maybe you can try to convince NetGear to change their software on the EX7700 so that it allows the MAC addresses not to be rewritten. I am not expecting any fix on the current software, but I do hope that netduma 3.0 has been tested with re-written mac addresses, once again happy to test 3.0, I have already registered myself with Netgear but so far nothing. So it looks like that for some reasons, as soon as any of my devices goes through an extender (netgear, tp-link,...) none of the useful features are working. I was almost about to get an R2 just to make sure to get my hands on V3 but if this type of configuration hasn't been tested then there is no reasons for me to get 3.0 at all and I am fairly confident that I am not the only one using a Netduma based router with an extender to relay the wifi (as not everyone has their houses/flat fully wired in cat 6 and/or the wifi signal strong enough to go everywhere). Best regards, FX.
  18. Hi all, I've had this weird issue for quite a while now, and tried multiple things to fix it, but essentially, not a single wifi client can access any of my wired clients web interfaces, or if they can, it's exceedingly slow, I'm talking 10 minutes to load Sonarr's login page. Other wired LAN devices connect fine and instantly Things I've tried - Rebooting all devices - Hosting on another device (I've home assistant installed on a raspberry pi, previously had the Servarr suite installed on a Netgear Readynas, now have it installed on an Intel Nuc11 running on Docker containers. - Multiple wifi devices including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, Computer and Laptop, all of them experience the same issue. - Updating firmware on the XR500 - Pinging any of my wired clients or hosts from my wireless clients, all of them ping fine with average 7-10ms ping. - Disabling QOS - DMZ I'm out of ideas on what else I can try. Other info that may help, doubtful, but worth having. - My ISP requires a VLAN tag of 2 - Port 80 is not blocked by my ISP - No other issues with ports being blocked outside of wireless devices - I do have Smart Connect on, and I haven't tried with it off to avoid having to manually reconnect 20+ devices. - I have an unmanaged switch connected to the router, though I've tried to host from a device both on the unmanaged switch and one directly connected to the router. List of services I cannot access from wifi devices. - Heimdall - Sonarr - Radarr - Jackett - Ombi (I can access from dns hostname) - Tautilli - Netdata - Plex (I can access through plex app) Any help or direction on what I can try next would be much appreciated.
  19. I'm playing from a console, and I'm having trouble finding games on warzone but seems to find games without problems on rebirth with the same settings. Also I'm using geo-filter with hybrid VPN. Hopefully I will be able to solve the issue.
  20. So, I own a XR1000 and due to the lack of hybrid VPN I decided to purchase a XR500. Now what I would like to do is to connect the two routers together. I've managed to connect the xr500 to the xr1000 but I'm not able to activate the hybrid VPN is just stuck in connecting. Just so you know in advance I'm trying to leave the rest of the house connected to the xr1000 so that they aren't affected by the VPN. Hope that someone will be able to help. Thanks in advance.
  21. Does anyone experiences slow upload speed on playstation 5 ? My ISP internet speed is 500/500, and the results of the speed test on my console is always estimated around 450/23 MB. Is there any fix to that? On my laptop, wired, I get 500/500MB though... 🤨
  22. I was interested in using the Hybrid VPN to segregate some traffic on my network but I've ran into a few issues. Router: XR 500 v2.3.2.130 VPN: HMA After signing up for HMA, I tried to connect but it looks like they may have change their encryption method or something Error connecting over TCP: WARNING: --ns-cert-type is DEPRECATED. Use --remote-cert-tls instead. It looks like this should be an easy enough fix to change the flag in the OpenVPN config, but I'm no expert. UDP connects, but all traffic goes through the VPN (seems like all or nothing), not using the IP ranges I entered for services (easy test was setting ports 80 and 443 and asking google what my IP was). I saw another post where it suggested using TCP but again that never connects. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  23. I'm having trouble resetting up my router last time I used it was almost 2 years ago when I first bought it but had difficulties setting it up. So it has just been sitting collecting dust next to my modem after I had customer support over the phone set me up. Now I cant even get back in dumaos 3.0 I've tried to factory reset to get back into it but it just comes up with error every time I get to the end. When I type in routerlogin.net it just redirects me to https://www.netgear.com/home/services/routerlogincom/ Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  24. So I want to change my DNS on my router. The thing is on the XR500 there is a primary, secondary and third DNS. I wanted to use the google DNS of and so what do i do about the third option? Do I leave it blank or does google have a third DNS? Sorry if this is a stupid question I'm not that great for networking lol. Thanks guys.
  25. So, apologies if this topic has already been discussed, but if it has please feel free to drop a link to that thread. I attempted to trying and search of it myself. Here's the situation: My ISP institutes and bandwidth cap and as a tech-heavy and large family we're constantly tapping that monthly bandwidth cap. I'm looking for a way to use the features of my XR500 to log the amount of bandwidth particular devices are using. As robust as the features are options are, I'm assuming this is possible? But maybe it's not and there's some other way of doing this? Essentially I'm looking to see which devices/users are the heaviest data consumers on my network.
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