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@Fraser re your geofilter video

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Just a quick one mate. I noticed that when you showed the ping graph on the XR500 video as shown in this screenshot, deny and allow showed servers listed with deny or allow labels clearly listed next to them. Does this mean we can finally ban troublesome servers or permanently allow those even outside of our radius if we want?


This would be AMAZING :) a while back I asked if we could set a ping assist range (ie 20-50ms rather than just <50ms, for example) and this would be essentially the same thing. Temp banning has always been iffy, and I've always struggled to find games on more central EU servers that play very well. This would allow you to guarantee a great connection with the added bonus of finding a game on a preferred server when the occasional lobby shows up on it.


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It works the same as the R1 at the moment. There isn't a temp ban option and you can't allow/deny a dedicated server if it is marked as a server by the Geo-Filter (see the greyed out buttons). If it hasn't been marked as a dedicated server then you can allow/deny which is what I had done prior to the video.

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