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Connected to WiFi but no internet access?

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When connecting with an Ethernet cable my internet is working. Although when i am using my phone it shows up with the WiFi logo with an x in it meaning its connected but their is no internet access. Can anyone help in trying to fix this as there are no wireless devices that are working in my home?


* When i go onto the misc page on my computer it says please post issue in the forums on netduma

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so you have internet over ethernet but not wifi? Has the ssid changed at all or reverted back to netdumar1? Go into your wifi devices ( if it is a phone for example) and go into wifi network settings and get your device to "forget network" which will delete all saved login data. Then search for wifi ssid and select yours and re-enter your username and password.

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  • Netduma Staff

i dont know why but its randomly started working again


That's great; you should try using a channel analyser (suggested above) to find the least congested channel and connect to that. This could be a precaution against the WiFi dropping out in the future :)

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