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  1. Ten el netduma R1 ya por 2 o 3 años y ahora da conexiones de wifi muy malas que casi nada puede cargar pero solo en la red wifi porque al jugar xbox todo va bien alguien sabe porque pasa eso?
  2. When connecting with an Ethernet cable my internet is working. Although when i am using my phone it shows up with the WiFi logo with an x in it meaning its connected but their is no internet access. Can anyone help in trying to fix this as there are no wireless devices that are working in my home? * When i go onto the misc page on my computer it says please post issue in the forums on netduma
  3. Hola, Soy dueño de un R1 desde hace mas de 3 años y hace poco compre el XR500. Desde que lo tengo, estoy presentando problemas en mi computadora para poder trabajar. Cuando hago las pruebas de velocidad todo parece estar bien, pero en seguida me conecto a Citrix, para poder trabajar, el sistema presenta lentitud y tiene desconecciones. Es casi imposible trabajar con ese wifi. Tengo que poner el hotspot del telefono para poder tener mejor conexion. Esto es algo que no me pasaba ni me pasa con el R1, que aun tengo. Tengo mas de 90% de señal a la PC. El router esta en el mismo lugar que estaba el R1, cambié el Preamble a "Long", he puesto la coneccion de 2.4 y la de 5g separadas, he apagado la señal de 5g, he conectado un repetidor con capacidad de 2.4/5g y aun asi siguo con problemas de estabilidad y lentitud. Me gustaria saber como puedo configurar el WIFI del XR500 para que funcione igual al del R1?
  4. If I change my XR500 to AP mode, do you know: 1. Do the other wireless configurations work (like an optional guest network, etc.)? 2. Do the other physical ports on the X500 continue to function (so it's a switch) to hard wire some further connections? Yes - I understand this makes most of the other router functions stop working, but if I replace the router functionality, I want to know what I can expect with the XR500 in AP mode. Thanx.
  5. Hi, The issue I have is that now I can't use the Kodi remote app from my tablet (wifi) to connect to my Rapserry pie (wired). The app on the tablet finds kodi, but it never manages to actualy connect to it. The app is saying that it's either a firewall issue (I never add any rules before, UPNP is active) or a wifi isolation one. From the tablet I can ping the Raspeberry, and the Raspberry can access to my other wired devices and to the internet. It only started yesterday after I did a factory reset after having installed the new firmware, plugged the router directly behind the ONT (removing the Orange box completely) and changed the configuration to be in "Orange DHCP" mode. Nothing has changed on the Raspberry, the tablet or the app (same version, same IP) Every thing was working fine with the previous firmware and when the XR500 was plugged to the Orange box (the router was my DHCP, all my devices were connected to it on a 192.168.0.X network while my box was on a 192.168.1.X) and I set "no" the the question "Does your internet connexion requieres a login?" So let me detail my network and my settings : The XR500 is plugged directly to the ONT, I removed the Orange Box. After the factory reset, I chose to apply the ISP settings automatically (Orange France DHCP) The Raspeberry pie is plugged to a switch that is plugged to the router (it has always been the case, I kept using the same IP after the factory reset) My tablet is connected by wifi (5ghz) The guest wifi is disabled You'll find the configuration details in attachment I've already tried to change the port on Kodi (8080 by default) but I still get the same error I tried with port forwarding, not working Please help me
  6. Hello everyone! Has anyone who has the xr300 noticed any problems with the wifi since the last update? I noticed that my smartphone tends not to receive notifications or messages when I'm not using my phone. I tried to go back to the old firmware and it seems to work all right.
  7. To everyone and anyone with ANY knowledge of DumaOS and the nighthawk XR300, help a fellow gearhead out! Brief backdrop of my current situation. Just purchased a CM700 modem and an XR300 pro gaming router to escape xfinitys stronghold and limitations. I’ve always had an issue with xfinitys hardware! All their modems/routers were “defective” which resulted in poor connection, multiple techs sent out to my home, constant device swaps. So I took the initiative to escape that misery. I was so anxious for my new hardware. Tried optimizing settings on DumaOS but no luck! I game on a PS4 Pro which is hardwired to the XR300. I live in Illinois. I mostly play Fortnite. ISP is Xfinity/150MBPs. My issue is, Geo filtering doesn’t work. Ping is high 30’s. Before I was getting 20-23. . When I try to configure settings via Geo Filter I’m shown “Nil 2.5” “Nil” with an adjustable bar. And under that “Nil” with a checkmark. I pinned geo filter to my dashboard to monitor my ping and it doesn’t measure my latency/ping, for example I should be shown “12ms”, instead it’ll indicate “Nil”, no actual values. Someone, anyone, help! I purchased these for the sake of optimizing performance! I feel like I’m not getting the most out of my new hardware! Also, if anyone can suggest specific configurations/settings, it would greatly be appreciated! This is all very new to me! Thank you to you all in advance! Looking forward to your replies! Ozzi
  8. Hello, I would like to point out that when the 5 Ghz band is under load the router emits an annoying buzz ... Only the 5 Ghz ... The 2.4 does not present the problem. It would seem to disappear or diminish almost inaudibly only if the trasmit power is moved from 100% to 75. I wanted to know if it could be a hardware or firmware problem. thanks
  9. Hello everyone, I have the netduma r1 with duma OS and I want to know the best settings for achieve full speeds wired for my gaming pc and also wireless for other devices. I have a 300/300mb connection, my setup is this ISP router----netduma r1----all devices. I live in a very big house and I want to get the highest speeds possible. Thanks.
  10. Today has arrived my xr500, I went from the netduma r1 to the xr500, I have 300/300mb and the main goal of this upgrade was for improve wifi range and also my gaming experience. My current setup is isp router---xr500- ALL DEVICES, I live in a 2 floors house being the xr500 placed at my gaming room which is located at one end of the house, before the xr500, the netduma was able to provide wifi to all the rooms except one which is located upstairs straight to the opposite end of the house, being the only solution plug an extender for just that room, but now with the xr500 all the rooms in the second floor struggles to get speeds over 25mb/25mb. What can I do? And also which are the best settings for the xr500 in general for improve wireless experience?
  11. Hello, since a lot of time, the wifi of my 2 phones at house (s7 edge and iphone 8 plus) wifi drop a lot. I tried to reset the phones, reset the netduma r1 but nothing, I heard a lot of put manually an ip for my two devices but I don't know how to do it, if someone can help me. Thanks in advance.
  12. One of the big reasons I bought the high end Nighthawk XR700 was its ability to see traffic stats in real time. A lot of times I'll have a LAN party and my connection will become worthless because one of the Xboxes or phones or something decides to hog all the bandwidth. I thought that with this router I could see who the bad apple was and block them, restoring order and peace to the land. Or if not block them, at least QOS would take over and not let any one device crush all traffic. However, I've discovered that the traffic monitor and QOS are only on Internet traffic. I can't see who's saturating the internal network. This has become an issue because right now my 5GHZ wifi network is only eeking out 1-3Mb/sec on speedtest, while my 2.4GHZ network is doing around 30Mb/sec (I have 300Mb down / 10Mb up). My wired network is still getting around 300Mb/sec download. So obviously there's a bad guy (or guys) on my 5GHZ wifi. But since none of the devices on that network are using Internet bandwidth, I can't see what's happening. Is there any way to see internal network stats? Did I misunderstand the router's capabilities? What about third party plugins or R-apps? I hate that I have this $500 rocket ship but can't reliably watch 4K videos in my living room... I'm open to any suggestions y'all might have.
  13. So got the router and a new modem (xr500 with netgear 3.1 docsis) set up was fine pc is connected via lan cat 7 cable. However my smart tv, laptop and phone are experiencing abnormal amount of lag vs my crappy old lynksys ea6350 before I could press an app and it and all content is loaded, now say I open speed test it will take up to 2 min to detect I have Cox internet and another 16 seconds average to find a server. Opening youtube will do the same app opens but it hangs on a blank page for an excessive amount of time before showing me content. I have ipv6 set up ip address is dynamic given by Isp, I have used ips dns and used dns benchmark to find the best dns servers (google, time Warner then 1.1.1.) I have two filter set up only for my pc and antibuffer scores a consistent A+ ping to Google is 25 ms I'm using 90% of 550 mbps data and I have tried giving Wi-Fi devices 50% or the auto 20% speeds yet speed test always says a device reaches 400 mbps (via wifi) I just don't know what I can do about it. Any suggestions anyone else have this problem. My phone now runs faster and more reliable with one bar of LTE....
  14. Hi, so I just got my netduma, (mainly for cod iw and its insane packet loss / spikes) I went through the setup and all, and looked online to understand the misc settings. (I have a router by the way, and i plugged an ethernet cord in from that to the netduma) I have 100 down, 10 up, w/ Rogers Cable in Ontario, Canada. I've linked screenshots of my misc settings here: http://imgur.com/a/9EplW I then went to host filtering, did 30 ping and about 1500km, and found a match. It was amazing, now packet loss symbol at all. (The only device connected to my internet at the time was my computer and iphone, both of which werent being used, and i also had the device prioritization on 80 for my ps4) I played about 5-6 games with no lag, and the very rare lag spike. Throughout the day i tried several other settings to try and fine tune the settings as best as possible, but now im constantly getting the packet loss symbol in game and im skipping a little less than i used to without the net duma. I did a factory reset and used the original settings i used before, but same thing. The thing is, im using the original main router for everyones wifi in my house, instead of the net dumas wifi. So i assume that would mean the network speeds are being shared over these two routers, (they arent bridged, i tried to bridge earlier and nothing worked, so i had to factory reset my main router) and i may be getting slower speeds on the duma, and it cant use the congestion control properly because the bandwidths too high? Is the solution to simply connect all devices and see what the game is like afterwards? I figured i would post this here incasethere could be other problems. Thanks! (cc was capped at 70 for the successful tests, reactive)
  15. Hey All, Just wandering if there is any recommended max amount of Wireless devices to be connected at the same time to the router? (on 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz or combined etc). I have alot of wireless devices around the home so just want to make sure I don't start to overload the router which may start to cause performance issues etc. Cheers!
  16. This upgrade is to fix the recently discovered WiFi vulnerability - Krack. This upgrade is optional, there are no extra features or other bug fixes included. This is not DumaOS. If you have the R1 WiFi disabled then there is no need to upgrade to this version though it may be a good idea to do so if you plan on using the WiFi again in future. If you are not on the latest version - 1.03.6g/h you will need to upgrade to that first before upgrading to this version. To check your version/upgrade to .g please go here. Upgrade Instructions Download the upgrade here Go to the Upgrade section on the Netduma interface Choose Advanced Ensure preserve settings & check version are ticked. Click browse & navigate to where you downloaded the upgrade file and click open. Click upgrade, it will take around 3 minutes. Please do not unplug the router during this time. If you are wired to your computer or connected via Wifi (and won't automatically connect to another Wifi name) you will be taken to the home interface screen when the upgrade has been completed. If the rare event that you get an error message please contact us and do not turn off the router. Do not worry, it just requires some help from our team. Change Log Fixed WPA2 KRACK attack by accepting key reinstall without changing anything.
  17. I have recently been given a netduma r1 router and i have hooked everything up how it should be after putting my old router into bridge mode.The problem that i have been getting is that after awhile the wifi randomly disconnects from some devices. My phone, tv, tablet, and moms phone all disconnect and say that we have the incorrect password even though nothing has changed. The only way i have been able to solve this is to factory reset it, or disable and re enable wifi once more. i have also tried different channels but nothing seems to work, i still get random disconnections every day or two. I have 1.03.6 running on the r1, thanks for the help in advance.
  18. Hi. I have a very specific Problem. Everytime i try to connect ANY wifi device (Notebook, Phone, PS4.....) , the NetDuma starts to shut down and restart constantly until the device stops to reconnect. There are no problems with wired connection so far. I tried Factory Reset and pressing the Reset Button on the Router but no luck. My first guess was, that i used the wrong power cable but had no luck either with this idea. Cheers Daniel
  19. Hello, I've been having some problems with my router for some time now... 1. My modem is on Bridge mode. 2. Ethernet works perfectly. 3. WIFI gets slow. I have a 200MB symmetric connection. Sometimes I get 2mb on WIFI. 4. All my devices get constant disconnections while connected to WIFI. 5. I have tried all the solutions I can find on the forum about WIFI problems, nothing really solves it. 6. A factory reset solves it for a short period of time. It is getting really annoying, I would appreciate your help.
  20. Salut à tous, j'ai un petit souci de lenteur d'interface. J'ai la fibre depuis peu, malheureusement n'étant pas dans la même pièce que le routeur j'ai une installation " particulière ". Ma box est connecté au Netduma et le Netduma est bien relié par câble à ma PS4 ( j'ai du passé le câble par ma fenetre étant donné que je suis au 1er étage ... ^^ ). En revanche je ne peux passer un deuxième câble par ma fenêtre, j'ai donc opté pour le wifi pour contrôler l'interface du Netduma et par moment j'ai de gros ralentissements de cet interface. Je suis obligé de le redémarrer, y'a t'il une solution ? Merci à vous tous pour votre aide et bonne journée, Tony.
  21. I've had my netduma since December this year. about a week ago it began to drop all internet connection about once a day. this problem has gotten continuously worse to the point that i have to reset my router every 30 minutes to even have internet access. i have done all of the suggestions on the wiki and still have the issue. this has made my internet almost unusable. Is there any way to fix this issue?
  22. Someone please help, my duma is becoming unusable as of late, console and PC are both wired which works but the wifi... god give me strength, its appalling, absolutely appalling. I am having to constantly turn of the power to reboot it so that there's a connection again to the world wide web and its driving me insane!! when i first got the netduma i had an issue where my iphone would just loose the connection to the router and use my mobile network data, that was fixed after posting on here and i was told to uncheck the wifi workaround box. which i did and that fixed the issue but in the last while my devices are showing they have a connection but nothing works until i reboot the duma and then give it 30mins to an hour (sometimes less) and low and behold its stopped working again.. i am on the latest firmware, i have checked and unchecked the wifi workaround box and nothing is solving this problem. Ive got a network scanning tool and im on a wireless channel all by myself which shouldnt be surprising given there are only 4 houses next to mine. i have 80/20 connection and it runs at that. i need this to work, i have a security camera which i log into and the camera is wifi..... its not much good when my wifi doesnt work.
  23. I have had charter spectrum internet. I have 300 Mbps. And get up to 350 Mbps. Anytime I turn on turbo mode it causes everything on wifi to not load a webpage or anything. The wifi works fine when turbo is turned off. Is there some way I can get turbo mode working?
  24. I'm having Wifi issues, whenever I use my phone for an application the connection tends to "time out", load for too long, or I have to disconnect it and reconnect it or disable the the wifi in the Netduma settings then enable it again and put in all the information. It use to run fine, but for the past 3 weeks it has been doing this and I'm not sure what to do. I've tried using the enable Wifi work around, I've constantly tried different channels (1, 6, and 11) I've restored the router to factory settings and nothing has fix this problem. There's only 3 devices connected to it at a time, a kindle and 2 phones, but I always have this problem. Is there anything else I could try?
  25. R1 debug version 1.03.6h running on rb-951g-2hnd Hi all Im based in Australia and having some serious issues with my R1 i am a new user and just received the router over a week ago. I did have it all working and although it wasn't perfect i had all my devices connected to the internet via the R1, i was planning on making a post to try and achieve optimum settings but have run into such a dilemma that i can no longer use the R1 I have been trying multiple settings since last night and the R1 says it's connected to the internet (i'm writing this post) But when it comes to my xbox one, or any other device connecting its just a no go, last night the xbox was saying it was connected but i couldn't load any games or see who was online ect. (it basically said the same 7 friends were online all night and one of my friends signed out 1 minute ago which never changed) tried turning console off and disabling geo filter then turning console back on and it doesn't change anything. I have noticed that going into misc settings gives me the contact forum error and cloud setting constantly loading. Tried restarting the console as well but no luck. Also just got home to realise other devices such as my partners iphone says it cannot connect to internet. Also if i check both the xbox an PS services through the netduma it times out. I had it working before but for the life of me i can't figure this out. Please note that for some reason when i try and post FaST with an "@" it protects my email address? so i have just used a normal "a" to try make it less confusing. ISP: Belong uses Telstras Network i was using 20/2 in my Bandwidth setting but after seeing this (https://www.belong.com.au/internet-speed) page on my ISP website i have changed it to 20/.850 (is that right?) My setup is as follows: ISP (Belong) FaST 5355 Router (in DMZ mode with my R1 WAN IP) Connected to the Netduma R1 via a LAN ethernet port (am i supposed to be using the red WAN ethernet port?) Xbox One hardwired to R1 All other devices including laptop used to configure router connected via wifi (R1) Netduma R1 Interface settings: Preemptive Down Cap 100% Up Cap 100% Share Excess I had my xbox in hyper traffic but have removed it in hopes it would fix something and it didn't Host Filtering (enabled box) for my Xbox is unchecked When i go into device manager it gives me the blue box stating: We have detected you are connected to another router (as opposed to a modem). In most cases the Netduma R1 circumvents this, however, if a game detects closed NAT you may need to enable modem mode or DMZ. Click here for more information. I managed to DMZ the FaST 5355 using my R1 WAN IP which gave me an open NAT earlier on Have even tried using the factory settings on the R1 but no luck At this point the only device that's actually connected to the internet via the R1 is my laptop but even then it doesn't seem fully connected ie. I am able to surf te forums here and make posts ect but certain things will not load online, like When i go into settings/misc on the R1 interface i get the error (Please post issue on forum) which leads me to believe it not actually properly connected as i read in another thread the only thing that will cause that is not internet. When i try to check the status of the Playstation Network or the Xbox network they both timeout. Here's a few speedtest.net results (all tests were performed through the R1): All above tests were performed on the Melbourne Telstra server opposed to the Perth server (where i am actually located) as Belong advised me that there servers is the Melbourne one and that i will not get accurate results testing against the Perth Server. Heres a few http://speedtest.telstra.com tests: (Decided to just do 3 Perth server tests and 3 Melbourne tests to make sure the Belong was actually correct) Perth Testra Server: EDIT: NOTE ALL TESTS WERE DONE OVER WIFI! Last Result: Download Speed: 14720 kbps (1840 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 896 kbps (112 KB/sec transfer rate) Latency: 97 ms Jitter: 1 ms Packet Loss: -1% 3/22/2017, 2:09:14 PM --- Last Result: Download Speed: 14868 kbps (1858.5 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 955 kbps (119.4 KB/sec transfer rate) Latency: 97 ms Jitter: 1 ms Packet Loss: -1% 3/22/2017, 2:13:24 PM --- Last Result: Download Speed: 14775 kbps (1846.9 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 962 kbps (120.3 KB/sec transfer rate) Latency: 97 ms Jitter: 1 ms Packet Loss: -1% 3/22/2017, 2:16:53 PM --- MELBOURNE TELSTRA SERVER: Last Result: Download Speed: 16105 kbps (2013.1 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 1115 kbps (139.4 KB/sec transfer rate) Latency: 61 ms Jitter: 2 ms Packet Loss: -1% 3/22/2017, 2:18:32 PM --- Last Result: Download Speed: 16298 kbps (2037.3 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 1117 kbps (139.6 KB/sec transfer rate) Latency: 60 ms Jitter: 1 ms Packet Loss: -1% 3/22/2017, 2:19:48 PM --- Last Result: Download Speed: 16425 kbps (2053.1 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 1133 kbps (141.6 KB/sec transfer rate) Latency: 61 ms Jitter: 0 ms Packet Loss: -1% 3/22/2017, 2:21:46 PM One thing that is confusing is on the ISP page (https://www.belong.com.au/internet-speed) it says: ADSL2+ broadband speed range: up to 20Mbps into the home up to 850 Kbps upload speeds But some of these tests exceed 850Kbps Like the last result i posted: Upload Speed: 1133 kbps (141.6 KB/sec transfer rate) Unless the transfer rate is the actual true rate that Belong quote (850Kbps) ??? Also did a couple tests on the google speed test? It just came up first when i searched speed test in google and when i clicked more info it sent me here: https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/6283840?p=speedtest&visit_id=1-636257608205208802-2928815349&rd=1 11.3 Mbps download 0.86 Mbps upload Latency: 80 ms Server: Sydney Your Internet speed is typical Your Internet connection should be able to handle streaming an HD video. If multiple devices are streaming video at the same time, you may run into some slowdowns. --- 12.6 Mbps download 0.87 Mbps upload Latency: 80 ms Server: Sydney Your Internet speed is typical Your Internet connection should be able to handle streaming an HD video. If multiple devices are streaming video at the same time, you may run into some slowdowns. --- Am i supposed to sensor the parts in TRACE like in this pic below? I also own these routers if the FaST 5355 is a pain in the ass to get this set up: FaST 4315 Telstra ADSL (Supplied by Belong) NETGEAR ADSL2+ 11n Wireless Voice Gateway DEVG2020 Belkin ADSL2+ 11n DECT IAD (Model: F1PI243EGau) ---- May be locked to iinet, im not sure as it has iinet printed on the front D-Link DSL-502T (Noticed it says, Up to 8Mbps High Performance Downstream which to my knowledge will be useless to me since my connection is 20Mbps Download) Someone please help me as i believe this is a great product and idea and want to see it flourish and understand the Netduma team are busy with NetdumaOS but at the moment i'm going to have to stop using the R1 as the only thing really connected to the internet on it is my laptop. I did factory reset the router but have changed to default password back to the password it was before i had the problems and still nothing will connect to the wifi so it's not that i have the wrong wifi pass. It seems to just sit on obtaining IP address on my Android Samsung s5 and then gives up. PLEASE SOMEONE HALP!
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