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Any body know what these do


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I have a tp link router and in security settings it has these options

I wandered if configuring any of these would help  online gaming    cod ww2

Any advice or help welcomed


1 packets statistics interval    from 5-60                                        default 10

2 enable icmp flood packets  thershold  from 5-3600                default 50

3 enable udp flood packets thershold ftom 5-3600                    default 500

4 enable tcp syn flood packets thershold ftom 5-3600              default 50

5 ignore ping packets from wan port to router

6 forbid ping packets from lan port to router 

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I thought maybe the udp flood packet threshold might done somthing

as games use udp.

I thought it affectecd how fast it sent the udp packets


I think that's an option relating to the threshold at which the router decides it's being flooded by DDoS and then implements whatever countermeasures it has.

I might be way off though but that's what it sounds like. I wouldn't fiddle with it because I don't really know.

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