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WW2 Settings Help

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Ever since ww2 came out Ive been having a rough time with shoot first die first. I know you guys are gonna look at my ping and say how the heck are you gaming on that! I never have a problem with bullets connecting, just weird enemy animations and insta melted around corners without any time to react. I'm a good player as well. Over 300 nukes in Infinite Warfare and 10 V2 rockets in ww2. But I can only find one good lobby out of 10 with a good connection to where I'm able to have some reaction time. Any suggestions would be nice. All my settings and speeds are here as well. Thumb through em and share your advice. Thanks.









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Bump those sliders down and dslreport your connection to see if it improves, I’m having better luck with preemptive and I’ve swapped back and forth a bunch to confirm it. My sliders are at 48% and 68% right now to keep my bufferbloat at an A+ and it’s playing pretty well. There’s some settings in the WW2 strict mode thread other than these you may want to give a go. I’m on a 100/20 fiber in Cincinnati Ohio if that makes any difference for ya, Good luck.


Also I’ve shrunk my distance to about 200 miles, strict off and 0 ping assist. just saw ya had 10/1 at least bump you dL a bit and on your connection preemptive with turbo off if it’s checked. I’ve never bothered with ping tests much until ww2 and it seems to make a much larger difference on this title than past ones .

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thanks solo.Yes my speeds are low at 10/1 but I never do lag. its just being seen around corners and no reaction time in a gunfight.


Unfortunately that’s largely the game not your speed cause mines been doing the same as well as others with high speed here. These are the best bet I’ve found so far though, I’m having more good games than bad ones at least now. That said it’ll vary some with location and all the other variables. Still not perfect, but playable without being too rage inducing, lol. Hope this helps some

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yep, but I never lag and everything works in bo3, and infinite warfare just not ww2.


Don't worry about your ping being a bit higher than some others. It looks to be stable and that's more important. It's not that high anyway, that's nothing compared to some of the pings I see in BF1 and WW2.


I don't think WW2 will settle for a while though, IW was tough to play at the start too.

Activision are changing things in the patches that they aren't putting in the patch notes (things they don't want to admit to because it would be very embarrassing).

I'm hoping they will manage to make it feel more solid in the next patch but maybe that's too optimistic, it could need a few more patches after that.

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