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  1. Hi guys i updated to duma os in november and everything was working great except for the geo filter not showing hosts. That was the only issue. It wasnt a big deal because im on pc fortnite. But now after coming back from vacation not only is the geofilter still not showing hosts but now the traffic prioritzation is not working and also upnp is not working. I have the duma classified games selected for traffic prioritization. These are some features that i really like and use. What can i do? I unplugged it, rebooted it, and did a factory reset. It still wont show traffic prioritization and upnp working.
  2. thanks solo.Yes my speeds are low at 10/1 but I never do lag. its just being seen around corners and no reaction time in a gunfight.
  3. yep, but I never lag and everything works in bo3, and infinite warfare just not ww2.
  4. Ever since ww2 came out Ive been having a rough time with shoot first die first. I know you guys are gonna look at my ping and say how the heck are you gaming on that! I never have a problem with bullets connecting, just weird enemy animations and insta melted around corners without any time to react. I'm a good player as well. Over 300 nukes in Infinite Warfare and 10 V2 rockets in ww2. But I can only find one good lobby out of 10 with a good connection to where I'm able to have some reaction time. Any suggestions would be nice. All my settings and speeds are here as well. Thumb through em and share your advice. Thanks.
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