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  1. Same as a guy you spoke to over on netgear forum on the 2nd I think it was. Its just rebooting at random times while I’m online playing PS4 is when I’ve noticed it pretty much every time. Mobile gaming or when my kids are online with their PS4 or other devices I’ve not noticed it and those devices aren’t prioritized like the one I’m seeing it with a lot. Some days I can play most all day, others it’s after just a game or two without any real reason that I’m noticing. It’s been happening since a couple weeks after buying it, but I assumed with it being new and them perfecting things that eventually it’d hopefully right itself with an update. No such luck, I thought my last update fixed it honestly, but I think its been working fine because I’ve not been gaming a whole lot. Last night just about to start a second game online and it happened again .
  2. I’ve been trying all the things mentioned here or on other posts I’ve seen and also letting some updates come out to see if it’s addressed and so far it’s not. Notice mostly when I’m playing on PS4 and often times there are other streams and games online so maybe heat, but that shouldn’t be happening on this new gaming router right? Tried quite a bit, but any help would be appreciated, I’m tempted to hook my R1 back up so I don’t keep getting kicked mid match. Sometimes it’s a couple hours or a day this past time near a week, but it’s often enough that I need to figure it out now. Sadly I’m past my return window at Best Buy so I’m hoping I can figure it out.
  3. Much as I hope your right I have a feeling they’ll either find a loop hole, make one or just change something slightly to mak3 it “legal” in their eyes. They make so much money from them I’m not even sure they’d still be making cod without them as far as things went down player base wise. Lost me at pres 6 in WW2 and I’ve no intention on going back unless bo4 is amazing or mw2 ends up with mp and I’m not holding my breath with the leaks so far.
  4. I too had this exact same issue with my R1 the two years I’ve owned it, but only when directly wired to my fiber optic line. If I threw my isp router in first then connected my r1 to it I would get full speeds. Not sure if you guys are both doing the same, but at least in my case my gaming was better off with the slower speeds and the R1 as my main router. I did however just upgrade to the XR500 a few days back and am now getting my full speeds, actually about 10 mb over with it ran the same way direct to my fiber box. Just thought I’d throw it out there as maybe it has to do with how some companies use fiber and the r1s ability to connect direct to it. I also tried all the above and everything under the sun and never had any luck aside from how I mentioned above. Wasn5 a huge deal for me personally, just a bit annoying I was paying for a higher package so I didn’t work with the mods personally to attempt a fix.
  5. Thanks for the post buddy, just jumped from the R1 over to the XR yesterday and you saved me and likley the duma guys some headache. Every new owner of the XR even those like myself who thought they wouldn’t need help coming from the R1 should read this and the sticky above this one. As always this forum is half of what makes netduma so good. Really liking the XR so far, loved the R1, but couldn’t help but see it’s age every time I looked up at it or attempted to use WiFi more than a few arms lengths away.
  6. I can see both sides here and am happy for the duma team, that said spending even more yet again to basically make the one pain in the arse game that’s still years behind play well seems like a bad move. At least for now I’ll stick with the R1 and unless I see some amazing difference gameplay wise which is near impossible for a router an upgrade seems unlikely. Maybe after taxes it’ll be worth throwing that extra money at just cause that money’s easier to blow with it just kinda falling into your lap. Think the community here would have felt much better if this wasn’t so far past the intended release already or the r1 upgrade was alongside this new release to show the early folks they’re not being left behind with this new partnership. Anyway good luck to the duma team and hopefully this April upgrade isn’t another missed date for r1 os cause it has been quite a long road.
  7. It has rebooted twice over the last month which I kinda ignored, but other times mostly on my iPad Pro I just lose connection and need to join again. Just started this past week when I’m playing a game or something that would use a decent amount of bandwidth is why I thought maybe heat.
  8. I’m having some random drops just briefly the last couple days too, I’m actually getting a bit nervous cause until recently my duma has been flawless. Suddenly I’m getting random issues that seem to be connected to possible overheating or something similar maybe, or could be my WiFi range has decreased suddenly. I’ve put the duma up on it’s side right now to give it a bit better ventilation cause putting it up on spacers and giving more room didnt seem to help, there’s no reason not to right? . Hoping my duma isn’t about to take a Pooh before dumaos is released cause I’m not sure I’m willing to put another 200 up if that’s the case. Its not like it’s got a huge workload most times so hopefully it keeps going and it’s just been a fluke. I’m going to change the channel again now I guess and see if this issue improves. Hopefully there’s a version on newer hardware sometime soon with the update coming soon, I could justify that purchase to myself before another old model at this price.
  9. I’ll give it a shot of air and see if that helps keep it from resetting, mine is on rubber risers to avoid heat and pretty open, supply seems fine too. Hopefully it’s just something random that caused it as it’s only been twice in about a month and never before that.
  10. Yea it’s about the same on my end so I just ignored it for now, seems a few people have said this. Duma guys any idea why this is the past month or so? Never noticed it before and it’s not a huge deal, just curious if they’re may be a reason you guys may be doing this remotely or just a glitch of some kind?
  11. I’ve not noticed IPv6 specifically, but my r1 has been swapping back to an older version of settings I’ve not used in a while. Also I’ve heard it beep a couple times over the last few weeks like it had rebooted itself without reason. Not sure why this happened and it’s been pretty few and far between so I figured no big deal. With any luck the duma os update will be sooner rather than later and it will remedy some of these odd issues lately.
  12. Mine did this the other day on ww2 when I manually forwarded, I ended up just clicking upnp and resetting PS4 and it opened it up for me though.
  13. Truly wish I knew it has to be something with sbmm, or I mean “team balancing” since Condrey said sbmm isn’t in this game and he’d never lie for profit, smh. In this case they are using team skill based match making more than any cod before for balance is all I can assume. Seems the only games I’m kicked from are ones where I’m destroying people, you’d think the sketchy games you get beat up in and feel behind everyone would be when the connection kicks you from being terrible so it’s not that. This skill over connection sucks, since the last update I’m a yellow bar some games now with a great connection simply to put me into these sweaty lobbies. If they can do both well fine use the sbmm even in pubs for whatever reason, but they’re too cheap for that so they need to make connection over skill for mm until they spend some of these millions to upgrade their end of the online play. The way it is skill doesn’t matter much it’s a lottery who gets hit detection and who gets to see their opponent that decides half the gunfights.
  14. Yea I finally got I think it was 2 lobbies of 20 that weren’t prestige filled. I’m finding myself already bored of this game which sucks, it’s just too much like a job to relax and have fun with. Constantly adjusting settings, can’t use geo in ranked cause it never finds a lobby and pub lobbies even when they do play well are just slow and dull. The combat shotgun buff and snipers have basically turned decent potential into a hot mess for me at least. IW kept my interest until a couple months ago, but ww2 just isn’t as good as I’d hoped or even as good as it could have been. Big streaks and new guns kept other cods new and exciting, but none of these guns feel that different or new and the games still pretty new. Anyway I kinda expected the botg thing was going to be a let down with all the hype and feels like I’m getting about what I expected from it. Basically a crumby mwr which was fun briefly than fizzled out before I could really dig in. I’m actually playing Fortnite for the first time the last couple days and I honestly never expected that for a second. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to last me too long either though as there’s really nothing to work toward or enjoy that you haven’t done repeatedly after a few games. Not sure if I’m getting too old or if gaming devs are getting too cheap, greedy and comfortable putting out stale games. Maybe it’s time to check in on siege or try something new.
  15. A lot of times it won’t connect to anything at all then though unfortunately, at least on the jewel that is ww2.
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