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Any body know tmemoryy settings


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I was just wandering if any one knows what settings he uses

I seen people mention him in the shout box

I have messaged him a few times on youtube but he hasent replied

It would be good if we could find out these settings

What isp he is with

If he uses wifi or wired connection

What his download and upload speed is around


I think i remeber some one in shoutbox saying that he used to use a vpn  so he got a ping of around 150 ms playing cod iw

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In IW, at least when I asked him, he was using geofilter around the UK with 20ms ping assist, 30/8Mb with 70/100 sliders and 39% device prio for his PS4 and streaming PC, on firmware 1.03.4 (no hyper lane or separate upload/down flower). Apparently the Netduma didn't help in WW2 so he ditched it.


But he's on BT. I'd assume Infinity since I doubt ADSL gives those bandwidth numbers, but he must be pretty far from his cabinet if so. Pretty sad to think about considering how many spongy games he gets compared to IW.

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