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Geo-filter/Preemptive & Reactive

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Does anyone play online and NOT enable the geo-filter? Reason I'm asking is because the other night I was playing COD ww2 (ps4) I actually forgot to enable it and I had like two or 3 of the best games on this game ever. As I realized I forgot to enable it, I checked it and my games weren't so great...so Ive been going back and forth with it just to see. Same with the preemptive and reactive (I have 100 down and 10 up) but I feel like I'm getting better hits on the guys in WW2 with preemptive then reactive even though it says if you're over 60 mbps to use reactive. Anyone else playing around with them?

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I always have my geo-filter enabled. I forgot to enable it earlier tonight and got put into a US lobby (I’m in UK). As for the algorithm, I think everyone has experimented with both at times. I find reactive works best for me others find preemptive works best. If preemptive works best for you when gaming then use it, you will notice your speeds won’t be as fast as with reactive enabled but you could always enable preemptive while gaming then switch back to reactive afterwards.

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I used to play BO3 without the geo filter on BO3, I always got the dedis in Ireland without it so there was no need to enable it. I did use it to force some US servers a few times but not much.


Always disabled for Battlefield One because you can pick the server anyway.


I usually play Infinite Warfare without the geo filter because I find that all of the European dedis are perfectly good so I don't care which ones I play on. If you go by straight line distance, I live closer to the dedis in France + Germany + Netherlands, than I do to some of the lads I party with in the UK. And pretty much everybody in my party has a Netduma so if one of them wants to use the geo filter then I won't cause a clash by having mine enabled (if we have a different range set). Sometimes I turn it on if I want to force a dedi somewhere or test something.


I'm playing WW2 with it on and off at the moment because the servers have been messy over launch.


I use reactive. I have 30mb down and 5mb up.

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