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Ping spikes in COD WWII

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I was getting ping spike in COD IW and now I'm getting the same in COD WWII. My ping will go from 30ms to 150ms then back again. After chatting with activision support I tried rresetting routers, clearing cache on my xbox, resetting my xbox. Still getting the same thing.


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On CoD launch day, when the servers are being blasted from all directions and are falling over constantly, when Activision has been tweeting about servers problems on all CoDs...

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  • Netduma Staff

They came and checked the line and found all kinds of problems. Spikes seem to have gotten better, time will tell.


It's great to hear they acknowledged that your line has issues. Hopefully they'll take all the necessary steps to resolve the issues. I'd keep running PingPlotter tests whenever they change / fix anything (if they're coming back).

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