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Double NAT

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Has the WAN IP changed since you put it in the DMZ? Is that why you want to set static?


The option is probably in DHCP, LAN, device status somewhere like that. If you give us the model of the uverse can be more specific.

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If you can't use a modem or bridge mode, I'd suggest turning wireless off on your modem and placing the Netduma in its DMZ. Turn the modem's firewall off and then handle all of your port forwarding (or UPnP) on the Netduma.


This is what I have to do with my BT Smart Hub. I have no issues with NAT type and placing the Duma in my modem's DMZ means the IP remains static :)

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if you have NAT and DHCP enabled on your uverse modem then disable it and let the netduma do that job. I do not have my netduma connected at the moment as I have just bought a synology 1900ac router as it has nas capabilities but I can show you my screenshot of nat disabled on my draytek modem but enabled on my synology!





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