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Destiny 2 Error: Beaver. Again...

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I'm currently using Chive´s configuration for Destiny but then again im getting error beaver on PS4.


Does anyone have a fix for this issue?



Hi mate,


disable the geo-filter for the moment.

We need to find every servers before another cloud update.

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also since applying the update one of the guys on my destiny clan now has nat issues in the chat party 


We can't affect others connections so that will be on his end. This cloud was purely whitelist as well so wouldn't cause issues

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Hey all - there's a new Destiny 2 cloud update out! You may have to apply twice for it to apply correctly.
Whitelist 40
Gameserver 37
Map 28
Let us know how you get on.


So, heres a thing: just tried those settings and the very first game i found was against players from my country. i figured that out because they were using a clan tag with name of my country pretty rare because i always play against people from the US, couldnt chek the exact location on the geo-filter because i was testing the lobby, honestly it was KINDA smooth, basically just ok, not that terrible. Since Bungie's servers are in maintance at this moment i can't test more lobbies. Im from Ecuador south america btw.

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