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NetDuma Theme Will Not Change

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The theme simply will not change for my 1.03.06g.


Fix attempts:


Factory reset 1ff756e0-5636-477a-8638-bf8d6fe384e1.gif

Reboot 1ff756e0-5636-477a-8638-bf8d6fe384e1.gif

Cleared browser cache 1ff756e0-5636-477a-8638-bf8d6fe384e1.gif

Changed browsers 1ff756e0-5636-477a-8638-bf8d6fe384e1.gif

Enabled cookies 1ff756e0-5636-477a-8638-bf8d6fe384e1.gif

Allow remote access to Netduma tech support. 1ff756e0-5636-477a-8638-bf8d6fe384e1.gif

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It wont change for me either, I'm using Chrome. Wasn't there a bug found when some people used the v2 theme?



EDIT : It allows me to change it when i use Firefox but not on Chrome.

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