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Exclusive Call Of Duty WWII Multiplayer Gameplay By Gameinforcer


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Yeah I am actually excited too. I can't wait.  I didn't play Advanced Warfare so other than MW3 this will be the only other game I have played from Sledgehammer.  :)


Advanced Warfare makes me sad, for me it was the low point in CoD.


MW3 was special, I loved that game more than my girlfriend. She gave me the "it's me or MW3" ultimatum.

I wonder what she's doing now...

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I have not watched any gameplay videos, nor have I pre-ordered the game. I am happy it's back to "Boots on the ground" but having been stung before with Advanced Warfare and Infinate Warefare I am waiting..........


I am waiting to see the feedback from the esteemed members of this forum for the beta, and for when the game is released. Unfortunately I am seriously underwhelmed at the prospect of this game being any better than previous incarnations, so hopefully I will be proved wrong and kick myself for not pre-ordering.


So here's waiting for some honest, informative reviews :)

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