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Lag issues on my end or is it just the norm for PVP these days?

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New Forum member here. I play alot of Destiny and recently alot of Infinite warfare.  although I rarely show anything other than "green bar" in Destiny I always seem to experience "lag"  I'm convinced that it has to do with my cable/internet.  I want to narrow it down so I can find ways to improve the connection.  I noticed alot of talk about  pingplotter so I downloaded that and I am running it right now. I'm attaching a 10 minute snap shot to this post.  My router is a combo modem/router given to me by the cable company (Model Arris TG1682G). I currently have the Netduma plugged into the Cable modem with my PC and Playstation hardwired into the Netduma.


Is anyone on here able to use this info and the attached to give me some basic recommendations?


Thanks for your time 


Edit:  I don't think my attachment worked...epic fail!

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Hey, welcome to the forum!


I would also do a PingPlotter direct from the modem as well. 


I recommend 70/70 anti-flood, console in hyper traffic. ~1000km radius, strict on (CoD), strict off (Destiny), ping assist 0. Auto & bleeding edge cloud applied in miscellaneous settings.

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