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Found 21 results

  1. So in Destiny 2 I used to be able to set my geofence out in the middle of the ocean to ensure no one could connect to me, or vice versa, in order to do things by myself, like strikes or roaming. This worked because D2 is on a p2p type system vs dedicated servers for game play instances. For some reason that's not working anymore. The matchmaking for strikes takes a long time, as per normal, because it can't find people but instead of just starting anyway, eventually some people in random countries are connected ruining my plans. I've tried several times to no avail. Any clue as to why? How am I able to connect with these people?
  2. Hey everyone! I’m 34 years old and an avid gamer and I am new to ....ALL of this. I have reasearched ghost lobbies for some time now and I’m coming up with conflicting answers on wether or not it’s even still possible. Just for the record I’m on Xbox one and my router is a nighthawk r7000 but I’d be willing to buy a new router if it offered this ability. I also want to add thanks for such a great site. I can’t stand these people charging hundreds of dollars for this stuff. Knowledge should be free! Any and all help or even just getting me pointed in the right direction would be greatly appreciated
  3. This is a question for Fraser or another mod that would have a full explanation. I’ve seen information across multiple posts but I would like a clear cut response with what was done and how to do it. All I have gotten is, allow the server in the middle of the United States. After that can I place my filter in the middle of the ocean and match with anyone there (my other console)? Also, if this works, will it work on the newest firmware? I remember before bungie updated, geo filter would not work on duma os 3.0. id like the whole explanation and walkthrough how to use geo filtering in destiny 2 now that a work around has been identified. thanks!!!!
  4. So I am new to this but I know a lot of people who use the XR500 for Trials of Osiris and Glory Win Trading. Some people just watch the queue steps and pull the team that loads in last out...and others have a way where it automatically does it flawlessly every time. Does anyone know what they use if it is NetDuma and how I can set that up? I just want the teams to get automatically pulled rather than me watch it like a “hawk”
  5. Router worked great up until bungies most recent changes, and i understand there will take time to fix it, no complaints about the router or the features it provides, and for my purposes it works great! My question is this, i was reading in another thread by an xr500 user whose name i don't remember, who was able to download the firmware beta for the 3.x update and got the issue resolved, i'd like to get this solved as soon as i can, and if there is a firmware equivalent for the xr450 i'd be happy to try that and see if it works and what can be gathered from that on my end. Sorry if this is a redundant question, i was unsure if the firmware updates were relevant across models and wanted to be sure. Again nothing but good things to say about the netduma services otherwise!
  6. Bonjour, j'ai acheté récemment un NetDuma R1 , je l'ai configurer comme dit mais lorsque je met un GeoFilter lors du lancement de la partie cela me déconnecte . Pourriez-vous m'aider s'il vous plait Merci d'avance . Cordialement Eclipsion
  7. Hi! What are the current recommended settings for Destiny 2 on the Xbox One? The threads I've been able to find via search are all pretty old (2017) and it looked like there were some new things being worked on. I think I'm just using the default settings at the moment and I see a node in UK all the time (I live in Australia). It makes the Ping chart useless because it's always showing the ping to the UK which is high (300ms). Thank you.
  8. I just stumbled upon the Netduma Router via a YouTuber who uses it, and started investigating it all. I'm going to be here asking questions about it and how it can help me with my console gaming. Thanks!
  9. Guardians our Destiny is here and im looking for Renegades to join my war on the darkness. We are the Renegades of humanity, we serve no alliance, we fear no foe and we will do what is necessary to save the Traveler. The Darkness is here and we are looking for all Guardians who have no allegiance to join our Renegades. We will fight our fellow guardians, we will scavenge our once Golden Age to build our arsenal and we will kick butt! To join Netduma Raiders please add your Battle.net / Blizzard App username below and I will add you to the list. Once I have interest I will setup the clan through the Bungie clan page. If you have any questions feel free to leave a reply and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Rise up and fight Guardians! ProJect
  10. I take it this is really bad? This is when using the Duma, need to test straight from HUB next. For any of you that play Destiny, whenever I'm in an online event my connection bar is the lowest.I take it my ping plotter results is the reason why?
  11. Greetings all! Excited Guardian here about D2 dropping in 2 days. I was wondering if there is anything on my Netduma router that needs to be changed from D1 settings? Do we know that info yet or is it something we will have to figure out after the game launches? Last I was told, we don't need to use Strict Mode, Change cloud numbers off of Auto and set to the last number in each drop down box under Misc. in Settings. Is this still the best settings for D2 launch? Appreciate you all, any helpful info that would make my life easier would be grand. Take care Guardians!
  12. ever since their server maintenance this week i have been getting removed from fire teams. I'm using the 30,28, 28 settings as mentioned by Fraser
  13. Hi, New Forum member here. I play alot of Destiny and recently alot of Infinite warfare. although I rarely show anything other than "green bar" in Destiny I always seem to experience "lag" I'm convinced that it has to do with my cable/internet. I want to narrow it down so I can find ways to improve the connection. I noticed alot of talk about pingplotter so I downloaded that and I am running it right now. I'm attaching a 10 minute snap shot to this post. My router is a combo modem/router given to me by the cable company (Model Arris TG1682G). I currently have the Netduma plugged into the Cable modem with my PC and Playstation hardwired into the Netduma. Is anyone on here able to use this info and the attached to give me some basic recommendations? Thanks for your time Edit: I don't think my attachment worked...epic fail!
  14. Morning all from the east coast of the US! I was wondering what the optimal settings for Destiny 2 should be? Should the Cloud settings all be set to the last number as Destiny 1? If this topic has already been created, I apologize, but just wondering what the best settings are to not get error codes. Good luck in there! Skleeve
  15. Hello! Had my eye on the DumaR1 and it's awesome looking Firmware for a while though just can't quite justify the $200 price. Though I have some questions to further spark interest, maybe you folks can help with some of these general questions. NOTE: Primary games Destiny 1 & 2 , then COD, then HALO5 || Consoles: PS4/XB1 How far can you zoom into map, possible to see the city that the host is in? can the geo filter see who is in my private match lobby in games like destiny? can you save any ping information to a server(say a bo3 server you had a great ping to) How accurate is geo filter Does the Duma and geo filter enabled add any additional latency to rtt? Because I have 2 routers. One adds no latency from the modems connection (open-wrt based router) and the netgear nighthawk 7000 adds 2-3ms of additional latency to the modems connection. can the geo filter always run in background and will it degrade performance if so? Does it work with games like uncharted 4? Can I save blacklist and whitelist profiles?say if I happen to reset to factory defaults or upgrade to a new os And how would I set it up with an existing router? I know to turn off dhcp on Duma and firewall, but what else could I do to ensure proficient use with it being behind another router I know the geo filter can usually find who is host in the game, but does it ever let you know when YOU yourself are host of a match? When you have teammates with you and want to search for a game in public matches, does ping assist work ? And how can I utilize geo filtering when my buddies are in my lobby
  16. Question for you all, I'm on the east coast of the US and noticed lately that I'll get booted from Destiny as I fly in to PVP matches with error code Beaver quite often, and sometimes i've gotten Rabbit error code. Even when I go to the Iron Temple on Saturday, I got booted randomly with a Beaver error code. Originally this happened to me in Trials and I just assumed I was matching against someone outside my filter, and it prevented me from even going into the match. Normally when I remove Strict option, I was pretty good to not get booted and cause my team a loss. I also would have my filter circle across the entire US, if that matters. So, why do I get stopped so often from entering matches exactly and get the Beaver error? Is this simply matching against people outside my filter, or can this be just a terrible host that the duma is stopping me from entering a game with? Are their any Destiny players on here that use Netduma, and if so, what settings do you use during Trials to make sure you don't get kicked and cause a loss on the card? Thanks for any help you can give. Also, is the Destiny profile still up to date and the best settings to use? Btw, I've not had many issues at all with my netduma and still very happy with my purchase. I should probably get on here and ask more questions to make it better, but I love the router and glad I went with it. Thanks team.
  17. I have a Nedduma since a bit over a week, and have used it for about 3 hours. It is now back in its box, as i lack the will to spend more time on dicking around in the interface and restarting destiny for 600 times. The issues are the following: The interface is overwhelming and messy, and does not work very well on any browser under osx. Destiny on PS4 craps out constantly, and if it does, it kicks me back to the loading screen. Something with doing a 'cloud update' has scrolled past in these forums, no idea what or how, or why, nor why it takes so long to insert a couple ip addresses in a central whitelist or have the router record the ip adresses it encounters. And YES i want it to do deep packet inspection if that will automate this. The geoip filter is a charming idea, but not very usefull. I dont care where players are from, as long as they are not skipping around like laggy timelords. Ping based filtering would be a lot more usefull, if it would work propperly. - the measured numeric pingtimes do not correspond with the graph - pingtimes should use a running average to prevent disnconnection after a spike, or have some threshold to retain them after an initial triage at first connect. It is not clear if and how this is done. - the bars in the graph change color all the time - there is no log of the actual ip's, nor a relation to the graph - there is no way to whitelist my laggy friends from closeby or the non-laggy friends that live on the other side of the earth. - i dont see any indication or measure of the devil of all ping problems: packetloss And last but not least: a clear and not too hard to follow step by step instructional document or video of how to set things up and tune them for specific purposes (in my case: "how to set up the netduma if you have a provider-bound router that can not be disabled", and "the best settings for destiny") would somewhat compensate for the lack of a proper manual and the jumble of an interface.
  18. Had this router for quite a while now and I can say that when the router works the games are nice and clean. Unfortunately, the router is very unstable. If you play Destiny (with Destiny profile, Strict mode off, Home set to central Europe, 1200KM distance, and cloud settings enabled) then in my experience I get about 3-6 games without errors followed by 1-2 games where I get kicked from the game (or returned to lobby just before the game starts). If you play Trails then forget it. There is no way (or rare) that the router will hold out for 7 continuous matches. I know, I've been beavered enough with my team mates screaming at me to turn off the router. I've read loads of forums where Netduma state that these errors are due to incorrect settings but I don't think so. You just can't mess with the Bungie connection - Beavered!. Even then, if the router is set up to allow laggy games (what's the point of the router) how do you get past the padlocks inside the distance set? Answer = Beavered! Improvements needed: Once a game has started, commit to the game. Don't send me to orbit half way because the game has started to lag Is there no way to automatically report padlocked hosts outside the distance set? Why are you asking for users to send you the padlock IDs? Give me an option to report and ignore padlocked hosts. What is the point of Strict mode (at least with the Destiny profile set) if you are telling people to disable it all the time? When I start my browser and go to the router why does it not save my previous session? It's annoying to un-check the legend and zoom into my home location every time. For some reason the browser lags when opened for some time (and often crashes). Even had out of memory once. Mobile app? All in all I do like the router but it's not stable enough for competition type gaming (firmware update seriously needed). It is really good for normal crucible (even Iron Banner struggles) if you don't mind crashing out of the game regularly then it's great.
  19. Hello, I just recently purchased my Netduma R1 and received it on 5/16/17. I bought it mainly with Destiny in mind (wish I had known about the "destiny lag" discount but anyway.. I've got a few questions. 1.) When in the Geofilter tab, my circle shows my location being Charlotte, NC while i'm actually located just outside Myrtle Beach, SC. I've tested the location of two friends and their location is very accurate (zoomed in all the way, their circles are directly over their general area which is about 50-60 miles north of me). While I don't see this as a huge issue, it does slightly annoy my OCD tendencies when it comes to all things gaming. Is there maybe something I may have set wrong? 2.) Loaded "Destiny" profile and Trials went SOOOO much better Monday since It was not matching us with teams from Central/South America/Europe. It felt good to only lose to teams that were higher skilled or just simply outplayed us. But after the recent maintenance, I am getting pretty consistent "Beaver" errors even in regular Clash and Elimination. I increased the radius in Geofilter by a sizable margin (circle included ~75% of the US, a large portion of central america, and a good bit of Canada) and would still get beaver'd about every 3rd game while also dealing with +250 ping god players. 3.) My connection is only 30/5 with an average ping to local server of 10ms and the Netduma's internet diagnostics tool showed everything being either good or excellent. Monday before the destiny maintenance, I was getting host almost every match (at least my circle was the largest) and everyone in a 6v6 or 3v3 lobby had full green bars with a few exceptions of players in parties. After maintenance and having to increase the geo tolerance, my circle is usually the minimal size with lobbies full of yellow/red bars with mine even dropping to red occasionally. Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of being host? Other details that may help; My ISP offers a pretty rock solid internet service even though it's cable. X1 is hardwired to router. X1 network details shows 30/5 with a 67ms ping to their servers (was in the 90s before Netduma) Tested on COD BO3 and was chosen as host 9/10 with connections I thought previously impossible in COD. One last question and i'll quit.. Will this work for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS for PC? I selected my PC as a service device and chose "xbox live" on the next step but haven't tried it out. I've quit playing it in the last 2 weeks due to the large amount of high ping EU and Asia players recently connecting to the NA servers making the previously minor lag/desync/rubberbanding a major problem for me. I just wasn't sure if you guys have looked into it yet. Thanks for all the help
  20. Hey guys, I like the features of this router for Destiny, however I have been having constant error codes and it is getting frustrating, so I am looking for some help to get this sorted, as I didn't have any error codes ever (unless the server really messed up) when using my old router (the Netgear listed below). I have tried to follow all of the advice given, however nothing seems to get rid of these problems. When the error codes are bad I can't last in the Tower for more than a few seconds before seeing a black screen and, if I'm lucky, will see the tower after a black screen for a few minutes. This is a bit annoying as I can't visit vendors for long enough to utilise them. The tower/social spaces are the worst places and I get lots of error codes, this isn't really a PvP specific problem, but I did get kicked out of the occasional game. I don't play many other online games, so it is hard to pin down the problem however Rocket League doesn't seem to have any issues (other than their own server issues, which have also been quite bad recently). The error codes are things like beetle, bee, quail and a whole bunch of others. Firmware 1.03.6h Speeds Download: 25 - 30 Mbp/s Upload: 5 - 10 Mbp/s Set up ISP: Zen NETGEAR DM200-100EUS High-Speed Broadband DSL (VDSL/ADSL) ModemConnected in modem mode (so no DHCP) Netduma router Connected to the modem above Wireless disabled PPPoE used (otherwise I can't connect) Deep packet processing enabled UPnP enabled Multicast snooping IPv6 enabled (in all three places) Cookies enabled Cloud Autocloud disabled Bleeding edge cloud disabled 30/28/28 Host filtering enabled Peer ping enabled Auto ping host disabled Kilometres Strict mode disabled Show dormant hosts enabled Filter by distance depends on activity: PvE 20,000 km PvP 1,000 km No ping assist Congestion control Algorithm preemptive and correct speeds applied Download/upload cap 70% Download/upload priority 60% to Xbox One Hyper-Traffic enabled for Xbox One / Xbox Live NETGEAR D7800-100UKS Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Dual Band (800 Mbps 2.4 GHz, 256QAM support + 1733 Mbps 5 GHz 11ac) Wireless (Mu-Mimo Wi-Fi) VDSL/ADSL ModemThis is running as a wireless AP connected to the Netduma Xbox OneConnected to Netduma with ethernet Thanks.
  21. Is this new update perfect? No, nothing ever is. But running around NOT dying by matadors and party crashers every life is amazing. I died by a shotgun maybe only 3 times in 6 hours of playing today (all in the same game). A lot of people are using sidearms now, but I don't mind it anywhere near as much as shotgun warriors. Hand cannons are so crispy now too, they actually hit what you're aiming at, rarely ever get a ghost bullet. Some people are complaining about the Truth ammo nerf, but let's be honest you shouldn't be able to spam 3 rockets in 5 seconds haha I'm loving this new update, it created a bigger skill gap in my opinion, maybe a small one but it's noticeable. I suggest anyone who stopped playing Destiny to go back and give PvP another shot. So much more fun to play now *Patch notes for anyone who doesn't know the changes: https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/45661/7_Destiny-Hotfix---21417
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