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Mark, 42 years old but I am reading at a 47 year old level. Married with two little ones, I live in the Chicago suburbs and work as a tool and die maker / design engineer. Just bought a ps4 for Christmas along with Cod:aw. Have not had a console since ps1. Played pong, Atari, intellivision, Nintendo, sega. No exciting near death stories like the rest of you. Was into trial bike riding in my 20's, played hockey all my life until 7 or so years ago when I got OLD. As far as other games, I designed and built a custom rod hockey game before I was married, when I had free time, that is 30" x 60" big and it also has a mechanical goalie I invented as well. Very fun, but it sits un played in the basement until kids get bigger. Here is a pic and vid. Feel free to add me on ps4 xXMurdoch98Xx





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