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  1. Murdoch

    FYI - COD AW

    For those of you who still play advanced warfare like myself it is playing on p2p at the moment. I hope it stays this way. Getting great use of the Duma. Could be temporary because they are the same studio that is about to release the new cod in a few weeks.
  2. I love the game but the lag is horrible. Hope they fix this.
  3. Wait so this isn't gonna be open beta next month? Are you for real?! I thought that the whole closed select few beta was this month what have you guys been doing then. I thought that the previous timeline stated something different. I was looking forward to February for antispike and antijitter.... And I know I'm not the only one who really needs this....I'm sorry but I'm heavily disappointed now. Hey Veruca, you will get your golden goose when it is good and ready. For free may I remind you. Millenials, ugh.
  4. New update works great, thanks again for the FREE upgrade. One thing I noticed that is extremely minor in saving the settings, it defaults back to kilometers instead of miles for us USA guys. Also the peer pings works much better for me. Wasn't there talk about clicking on the bar graph on peer pings to locate the higher ping players or a color coded circles on the map in correlation with the colors on the ping bar graph? Something easier to place that player on the deny side of the scale.
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