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Windows 10 Xbox app and play anywhere issue

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Crossplay is a pretty new arena so my guesstimate would be the server is converting the information into what the other platform can understand. It does make sense that it's coming about due to crossplay, I just don't know what its doing exactly. Not causing any issues though?

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If host filter is off then I connect to matches and can see the player and dedicated server.

This is new as before it was just peer to peer.


If I turn on Host Filtering it doesn't work.

It won't just find matches within my circle like it was previously.


It does something very odd.

People out of my circle briefly show as a triangle then seem to connect to one of those dedicated servers. 

This is a new behavior.


As a note I play Ranked and it doesn't allow for crossplay.

Lobbies however do.

When I play with someone from steam with the Host Filter off I see them as Peer to Peer like normal.


Oh just to let you know I stream the game in question all the time my stream days are Tue-Sat 11am Mountain Time until around 3pm MT.

Also during my streams, I tend to mention the NetDuma as an amazing product.

I even have a direct link to your website that happens in my chat automatically.


For KI the NetDuma has been a lifesaver because it saves me from connecting to Mexico & Brazil.

For some reason those are the two countries I have the most trouble with when It comes to playing KI.  

Now though with this issue, I see a yellow triangle in Brazil then it disappears and I then connect to one of those east coast servers listed above.

I can still feel the massive lag that I get from playing someone in Brazil, however, It shows I'm connected to the east coast.


I just want to be able to have the Host Filter work again with KI.

After your help the last time everything was fantastic.

I would sometimes connect to a laggy match in Mexico but I live in Colorado so I kinda have to cover some of Mexico with my circle.

Those matches I would just block after and I wouldn't have any more issues.


Thx again.

Hopefully, we can get things working right.

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Have you had time to look into this issue?

This issue had made it really hard to enjoy KI.

It keeps connecting me overseas and to brazil witch is an over 200ms lag fest.


I've tried to even cover the whole world and just block the people overseas and who are laggy.

I've even stuck myself in the ocean and tried just ping.

Nothing works.


I'm going crazy.

I need the Duma to work with KI again.

I play KI so much is one of the few games I never see quiting.

I stream KI more than any other game.


Again I know your super busy with DumaOS and everyone is waiting.

However Please help me I'm going nutty playing with all these laggy connections.


If you need any more info or if you want me to do some testing please ask.

I'm a stay home dad, streamer & youtuber so I have a bunch of free time.


Thanks again!

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As far as I know I should be around all week about 10am Colorado Mountain Time until 4pm.

I stream Tuesday - Saturday but have no problem delaying the stream so we can get this problem figured out.

Thanks for reaching out.

I'll keep and eye on the forum to figure out the best time.

Have a good weekend :)

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I'm a bit early but ready to pm you the code when your ready.I pm the code. I'm ready when you are. No rush :)

Oops didn't know the code would expire. I'm super sleepy. Let me know when your ready.

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Any luck on figuring out what the problem is? Do you need any more info or for me to try any settings?

No huge rush as I know your working hard on DumaOS. Just checking in. Hoping for some good news!

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Any luck in having a moment to check on my issue?

The issue has gotten worse and most of my matches are pared over 2000miles away with a ping over 150.

It's driving me crazy.


I'm sorry man, Fraser is really busy - he looks like a gremlin in the corner working away these days! He's told me that he will get around to looking at this, he just needs a spare moment.


If it looks like it's been a few days and Fraser hasn't looked, feel free to make a post here just to bump this thread up. We won't forget about you!

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