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Windows 10 Xbox app and play anywhere issue

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Hey, sorry for the delay! DumaOS work has kept me more busy than expected. Just so you know what I need to do, I need to identify the ranges in the dedicated cloud list that cover the range to be whitelisted, remove them and make new ranges that account for everything other than that range (can take a bit of time), then I need to put both whitelist & dedicated cloud up. I will get the first part done this week even if I have to stay later - it's taken too long now. 

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Alright I've made the changes, please use manual cloud numbers 32, 29, 28 and let me know if you experience the issue anymore. Please note it may take up to 4 hours to propagate.


If you still encounter the issue, first apply the cloud again. If it continues then give me ID's as though you haven't given me any before please.

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Reporting in :)


For some reason, it seems as though the same server is causing me issues? ID: 9b179560b43a5b60T


I'm noticing something odd with the server in question.

It's still appearing when I do a connection test with the Windows 10 Xbox app.

However, sometimes it has a lock symbol like it locked me out without the service being active.

When I do activate the service it still just locks me out like it has been? :(


The other servers seem to be ok though.

Before when I started a party it showed lots of servers around the world.

Now I only see one ID: f2a80fda4591383d


If you need any more info please ask.

I'll look as soon as I'm up.


I'd been streaming all day and testing and I forget why I saved these servers but I know it was something important.

ID: 9617e6b1b4355b60   
ID: 8b414a15de2a3237
I remember I was testing and talking to chat. Long day!
Hopefully, you can possibly figure out why I put those in a note for later!?

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I must have missed out a range in the dedicated server list. I'll find it and remove it, will post an updated cloud for you on Monday. Meanwhile let me know if you encounter any other issues after you've allowed that one server to connect. I'm not sure what those extra 2 are, they could be dedicated or whitelist. If you encounter them again let me know please.

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Am I good to put my cloud back on regular setting yet?


No; Fraser keeps having to do test clouds for Destiny and figuring out if they are affecting other games. You should be able to put it back after the next cloud update we're hopefully running next week.

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Found a new one to add when you have time. 

Have you had time to test yet?

Can I put my cloud back to normal after you put this one in?


No worries if you can't do it for a bit. I know the team has been working hard on DumaOS!



ID: c7288b56c566494e

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I've have a new issue. It's kinda odd to explain and I think it may have to do with one a few things.

I'll explain my issue as best as I can.

Everything had been working fine since the last post.

About the same time as a patch adding crossplay between Steam and XBLfor Killer Instinct, I noticed something odd.


When I turn on host filtering it's not working anymore and out of the country matches end up on what appears to be a dedicated server on the upper east coast. 

It also won't stay within the host filter settings.

I turn it back off and it sees the matches properly again from out of the country and local it also sees steam users just fine.

Killer Instinct is a Peer to Peer game so it randomly connecting to what appears to be a server is odd.

You can also sometimes see a person out of country show up as a yellow triangle but that's when it connects to the random east coast server?

Servers causing the problem? ID: 0234d19cd1a1babf 

ID: e30d5f2aaa82575c 


****Edit I'm normally streaming while playing and just had some time to play without streaming.

I'm seeing the servers mentioned above pop up at the same time as the peer to peer players I find.

I'm getting 2 circles. The peer to peer and the dedicated while the host filter is off.



Some possible reasons I could think of that caused this new issue.

A different port for XBL or possibly steam crossplay?


First to open nat on Windows 10 for the Xbox live app and such I'm using a different port instead of 3074 for open nat.

Port 60209 is recommended by Xbox ( go towards bottom of page ) - http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-on-windows/social/troubleshoot-multiplayer-game 

This is working fine and It seems the Duma knows that it's a Xbox Live port as the map sees servers and peer to peer games as normal & nat is Open.


The port change has been working fine this whole time so I lean more towards the steam crossplay causing the issue.

I've run the basic tests and even factory reset the Duma to make sure it wasn't on my end.


As always if you need any more info please ask.

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