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Ping Plotter Help please...


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Hi all,


I downloaded the ping plotter free trial today and im currently trying out the pro edition on my macbook. The problem is the hop graph. Im only get results on hop 1 and hop 11. There's nothing for the hops in between. Does anyone know why this is?

More information can be provided upon request and all help is very much appreciated :)



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Post the "File - save image" image here for us.



For some reason its not letting me upload the file when im trying to attach the picture?? The file is 232KB so i don't think its the size. Any thoughts?

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yeah that would normally be servers that do not respond to ping but never usually all of them nearly.


I can not see the bottom of the page with the plot but your pings look good from the top half.


Yeah I know its weird, i see other people posting there results and pretty much every hop is filled.

Ping is fine atm, just thought id run it during peak hours due to the crappy games ive been having on bo3 recently.

Oh well, thanks for your help as always Zen.. U the man.

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