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Couple of questions

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Hi just got a couple of questions,


1) i can only use the interface while i'm connected to the netduma r1's wifi is this possible? Can i enter it besides the r1's wifi?


2) When i first got my netduma i pulled out the ethernetcable from my playstation upstairs and connected it with my laptop so it was straight from my powerline upstairs. I did a speedtest and i gave those numbers in "set bandwith". In the support section mentioned that the duma needs to know what internet i'm paying for so do i need to insert the numbers from the package of my isp?

Also in the support section i see you can set your bandwith automatic but it doesn't do that with me.


3) i get this notification (attachement)

What i've read this is for opening your nat type on ps4? My ps4 settings already say that i have nat type 2 so i don't have to do this? How do i get type 1?


4) and if i put my isp hub in mode mode or the r1 in dmz is this also for nat type? Or for what is this? Because i went in the interface of my isphub and saw nothing mentioned about it.




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  • Netduma Staff

1: It's not possible to enter the interface unless you're connected to the Netduma.


2: You should manually input the speed you receive from your ISP in the "set bandwidth" section; not the results of a speedtest.


3: Type 2 NAT on PS4 is essentially open, there's no need to try and change that.


4: If everything is working fine and you have Internet access on your devices, you shouldn't need to change settings like that.


Hope that helps :)

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Allright thank you!

Still have one question. My family uses digital tv downstairs, i don't know what it is called outside my country or if it even exists, but here it's called a digibox, you can watch movies or pausing your live tv shows, record your programs to watch it back etc,...
Now this definitely uses bandwith because it make senses, but there isn't a cable in my modem but i do see a cable called "dsl" in my modem:



Now i don't see anything of this in my device manager of netduma and i also can't find the ip-adress of this thing. I do want to know what i need to do because if it isn't registered by the netduma i'm losing bandwith while gaming...

Here the cable goes in from my modem (dsl entrance)



Then i got this below my tv it's called a wifi bridge sounds chinese to me:


And this is the device called digibox:


I don't know if anybody can help me here but this all is chinese for me 



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  • Netduma Staff

Is the Digibox connected to the Netduma via a wire? In short is the issue that you can't see the Digibox in the device manager, and you can't find out it's IP address? Does the Digibox not state the IP address on the device? Does the Digibox have an interface where you can select the network?


I don't think you're going to have huge issues just because you can't find it unless you have low speeds; and if your console is in hyper traffic then you definitely should be alright.

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Cocoon...just to add a little since Jack's already done all the hard stuff.You really don't want type 1 on your PS4 as the only way I know to get that is to plug directly into your modem which would mean 2 things...


1 - Your the only one who could use the internet as there would be no router in the set up 


2 - With no router you'd not be able to use all the features the duma has to offer.


Best of luck to you and if you have any more questions, just ask cuz we were all "new" to this at one point.There are a ton of great people on this forum who are more than willing to help you get straightened out with any issues that may arise.

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  • Administrators

It looks to me that this is how it is setup can you confirm/deny this? 


wall > modem > netduma
       > wireless bridge connected to modem via wifi > digibox connected via ethernet to wireless bridge


In which case that is why you can't see any thing in the Netduma's device manager. 


It is possible you do not need the Digibox directly connected to the modem. Even if you do it will not use much bandwidth, I wouldn't worry about it taking your gaming bandwidth as gaming does not use much at all. 


I would recommend this set up if possible.


Wall > modem (WiFi disabled) > Netduma > Wireless extender if needed
                                                                   > Digibox

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