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  1. So i played a whole time with the old R1 and geo filter disabled on Apex legends since it came out. Now 3 days ago i saw that geo filter works with Apex so i decided to give it a try and also download the DumoOS. But now after every match i get an error from disconnection. Then when want to go back in the game it says unable to acces ea servers like 3 or 4 times. I need to restart my game and then i can play again. This is with friends but this is also solo with no friends. It’s getting frustrating. geo is strict on, ping assist 0, location on my home belgium and radius 980 kilometers.
  2. How do i set it in spectator mode? When the geo filter is going to work like normal? When on i can’t find matches and off i lag like hell, this isn’t fun anymore!??
  3. I’m getting very angry, first time i want to play after the patch and i can’t find a single game! Did everything you guys mentioned above!!!!!
  4. I live in belgium and i always had my geo filter on my home location. But now i saw there was a dedicater server in amsterdam 400 km away. Should i put my mark there to always connect to the dedicated server?
  5. I got this problem to especially when playing COD WW2. 5-6 times in an evening my whole internet would crash, wifi, laptop, ps4. My technician went home and after the 3th time they changed my ISP hub and everything became fine
  6. How do i set my location to a dedicated server? I don’t see one when i’m in the Geofilter? Or do i need to do this while in a match?
  7. What’s the best WW2 settings that works for you? So i can try different things? Also couple questions; How do i stick with a dedi server so i always connect to it? If i’m lowering my CC to like 30 will this be better? Any tips for the best setting? I’m now running; 800km, strict on, ping assist 0 CC 100/100 Hyper traffic, turbo mode No lag, but a lot of BS deaths
  8. Played some call of duty today and my whole internet shits down for like 2-3 minutes. No playstation and no wifi nothing works and then a few minutes later everything is back normal. Happened to me like 4 times today and it is very frustrating when in a party/game, how is this possible and how can i solve this?
  9. That would be so great BIG thanks! Hope to hear more from you
  10. How can i reduce my lag? On reddit i'm probably one of the only guys having this issue. I'm losing so much gunbattles
  11. Can someone help me please! I've been enjoying this game so much but i'm experiencing extreme lag. I tried to enable geo filter but then i get a message that the connection to the host is lost every single time. Other games i don't have sich an extreme lag so i don't know what te problem is. Thanks
  12. When i play destiny i get error codes A LOT, it's unplayable. My error is: cabbage. So i searched the internet and there are a lot of more people experienced this. Now bungie released a list for what do to but i don't get it i'm not a computer expert can anybody help me? This is the link for the instructions: https://www.bungie.net/en/Help/Article/46243 What do i have to do do i need to log in with my netduma or my regular ISP hub i don't get it
  13. I'm really pissed atm, the beta is unplayable for me due to the lag. In IW i had none issues since i correctly setup the netduma. What's the fucking point of having this piece of shit, it is supposed to "dominate lag". On reddit a lot of people aren't expierincing lag so why me i'm fucking wired and i pay the highest money to my ISP. Netduma is bullshit it was working on IW so why it doesn't now? And stop with saying it's a beta, why are other people expierincing none issues? Sorry but i'm mad really mad at this crapshit
  14. Just looked for my ping and it was minimum 28 and it was 28 for the most time but sometimes it peaked to max 35. Is this a good ping? Tough i have lag sometimes in the beta. Strict is on, ping assist 0 and range is within 700km Are more people experiencing lag with the netduma? I'm so worried because i like COD a lot and previous games i never had this problem since the netduma.
  15. Just played the beta and i'm experiencing lag issues. My settings were great on IW and BO3 and never had any problems. Now i lag like a madman. Tried to Dissable the geo-filter, and this works waaaay better than enabled how is this possible? Still also experiencing bad bullet registration etc In IW i play super smooth with my settings how is this possible? What do i have to do?
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