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  1. Ok so do i need to go lower or higher with the sliders to find the best hit detection?
  2. Hello, So i have a ps4 upstairs and my modem is downstairs. They are connected with powerline adapters because i can’t place a cable because it’s not my house. So my modem is connected with the netduma r1 and that one is connected to the powerline. so i recently factory reset my R1 and i wanted to fill in the bandwith for the QOS. So i connected my R1 to my laptop with cable and went to speedtest.net. The results are download 5,35 and upload 7,43. Should i enter these in the bandwith and then set sliders to 70/70?
  3. Oke thanks i will do that. And i know but it isn’t an option to pull a cable from downstairs to upstairs since it isn’t my house unfortunately. But better than wifi right?
  4. The r1 is connected to my ISP modem and this setup to my powerline downstairs to upstairs my ps4 hope you understand it now thanks. And speeds i don’t know i need to ask my ISP, should i put that speeds in the antibufferbloat menu?
  5. Hi, i’m experiencing a lot of trouble while playing warzone recently so i figured out to change my netduma settings because i actually don’t know if it’s correctly set up so here a question: So my modem is downstairs connected trough a powerline adaptor to upstairs with my ps4. So to fill in the speeds i searched on my ps4 in the settings what my down and upload speeds were and it was 23 down and 4 up. But is this the right way? I saw a video on youtube netduma settings and he had 100 upload?? Maybe i’m doing something wrong here?
  6. Hi guys, i just put my netduma into DMZ on my local provider acces control. Modern warfare says i have an open nat and ps4 says type 2. But, i can’t connect with friends in party anymore i don’t hear them and they don’t hear me.
  7. Hi guys, i would like to know if it’s possible to lower my ping. In game my ping on ps4 on modern warfare is 50ms. i have the geo filter on my home location in belgium, 600km, ping assist 0, strict mode on. Is it possible to lower it to 30 ms ping? I have servers in nearby country’s like netherlands, france and germany. Also i’m experiencing a lot of shoot first die first problems when i’ve put my isp router dmz to netduma r1. I have open nat type then but it feels a lot worse then i’ve had nat type 2 is this possible? thanks guys
  8. I have no lag issues and i’m running the game fine. My ping is mostly under 60ms Every time. So today was really weird, there were 2 hours in modern warfare where i couldn’t do a thing. I shoot first and die first, bullets not registering and so on. Normally i go always positive but in those 2 hours i always went 8-15 and so on. And suddenly after those 2 hours everything was back to normal and i could play just normally. i searched the internet and it’s called lag compensation. What can i do about this in the future because this isn’t fair!!
  9. So i played a whole time with the old R1 and geo filter disabled on Apex legends since it came out. Now 3 days ago i saw that geo filter works with Apex so i decided to give it a try and also download the DumoOS. But now after every match i get an error from disconnection. Then when want to go back in the game it says unable to acces ea servers like 3 or 4 times. I need to restart my game and then i can play again. This is with friends but this is also solo with no friends. It’s getting frustrating. geo is strict on, ping assist 0, location on my home belgium and radius 980 kilometers.
  10. How do i set it in spectator mode? When the geo filter is going to work like normal? When on i can’t find matches and off i lag like hell, this isn’t fun anymore!??
  11. I’m getting very angry, first time i want to play after the patch and i can’t find a single game! Did everything you guys mentioned above!!!!!
  12. I live in belgium and i always had my geo filter on my home location. But now i saw there was a dedicater server in amsterdam 400 km away. Should i put my mark there to always connect to the dedicated server?
  13. I got this problem to especially when playing COD WW2. 5-6 times in an evening my whole internet would crash, wifi, laptop, ps4. My technician went home and after the 3th time they changed my ISP hub and everything became fine
  14. How do i set my location to a dedicated server? I don’t see one when i’m in the Geofilter? Or do i need to do this while in a match?
  15. What’s the best WW2 settings that works for you? So i can try different things? Also couple questions; How do i stick with a dedi server so i always connect to it? If i’m lowering my CC to like 30 will this be better? Any tips for the best setting? I’m now running; 800km, strict on, ping assist 0 CC 100/100 Hyper traffic, turbo mode No lag, but a lot of BS deaths
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