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Arris/Motorola CM8200 DOCSIS 3.1


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Any word on compatibility with this new modem?  I'm going to get a new modem to see if that helps with my ping problem and the word is that DOCSIS  3.1 is whats needed for Gigabit speeds.  *I dont have gigabit internet.  Just wondering.


Also, which modem would work best out of those on this list? 


Arris/Motorola CM820A       CM8200       SB6141       SB6180       SBG6580       SBG6782-AC     Cisco DPC3008       DPC3010       DPC3825       DPC3828     Hitron CDA-RES       CDA3-35       CGNRES       CGN3RES       CGNMRES       CGNM-2250     Netgear CG3000D     SMC SMCD3GN2     Zoom 5341J       5350       5352    


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Be ware that the Arris SB6190 is experiencing some FW issues seen here: 



and https://www.dslreports.com/forum/r31122204-SB6190-Puma6-TCP-UDP-Network-Latency-Issue-Discussion

If you have not seen or heard about it.  :huh:


There are two problems, ICMP and TCP/UDP.


I love my Motorola SB 6180.  :wub: Works great on Cableones 100/3.  :D



I had a SB 6121. Just as good.  ;)


The new Arris SB8200 under discussion here as well:



Got a SB 6183 yesterday. Working great in front of my R1 router: EEE is disabled and no ping issues seen!


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