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Issues with The BT Smart hub

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I used to have the follwoing set up

  • Wall > BT Openreach Modem > Netgear D6200 > R1 > All Devices (wired).


Now I am aware the BT Openreach Modem has issues and causes lag spikes, so I got the BT Smart Hub so I could then be set up like;


  • Wall > BT Smart Hub > R1 > All Devices (wired).




Now even though the light on the hub is Blue, I can not connected to the web, I can access the R1?! - it kept saying - 'Can not connect to the DNS server'




So I went back to my old setting and it would not work for the life of me, it kept saying 'Can not connect to the DNS server'


No I have put the DNS server number in the R1, still no luck, I have imputted the PPOe details as well, no luck.


Now once I remove the R1 from the set up, so its;

  • Wall > BT Smart Hub >  All Devices (wired). - It works fine

So it seems the R1 wont let me connect to the internet???


Anyone got any advice?

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Are you getting a WAN IP in the device manager on the R1? 


On your smart hub does it show that it has the R1 connected to it? 


Well now I can not even get into the R1. I have to remove it from the set up to even get on the net.


When it is connect I get 'The ether adaptor has no IP' or something like that ?


This is soo confusing as it was working with my old set up, after you sorted it all out?

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Turn off the duma .....


Do not use the WAN port on the smarthub use one of the 4 LAN ports to port one of the duma.


Turn on the duma.


I just figured this out lol

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I have the same setup,I just input my duma ip into the dmz on smart hub and I have open nat,remember to apply settings on hub if you take this route and also hard reboot your console


I have done this multiple times. Still wont work.


OK after 3 hours of doing this, it now works......

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Okay so everything is working as expected now?

It is with some tweaking, here and there lol


Also do you have icons for Netduma so I can use them when I stream etc...

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