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tdm with team duma


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ok lets get into this .............

team duma:- was that lag ............opens lap top hmmmmm ok........

im taking fire here i need cover

team duma;- ok ok give me a sec just while i adju

fek that im now dead thanks a lot

team duma:- eh what ?

cmon now get into them

team duma:-ok im good lets go

team duma:- what ? that was a kill for sure .............opens laptop .............hmmmmmm

i need back up now now now , there on the left there going to come through that door any second now

team duma:-ok got you ha ha ha got you heeeeeeeeeeeeadshot ha ha ha , wait a ping spike ??? ........... opens laptop

oh FFS

team duma:- just wait you will like the results

FFS cmon

team duma:-it done we are the perfect setting , oh what do you mean we have lost ?

:lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:

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... and the next match in the same lobby was better, worse or the same ?


If its Blops 3 you're playing then no wonder   :( 


I find that one session I could be on the team with 1 player less and no matter what, I never seem to get on the hosts team. I call it the negative or bad side.

Other rare sessions I'm always on the hosts team or on that side with a player extra and its great. Obviously all of the variables (time of day, server, connected friends etc) change this.

Sometimes it takes time to fine tune the settings for that particular time of day or buddies joining so thank the moderators that they added Profiles for us to save  :)


I rely on it as I'm on cable (hfc) which is probably the worst tech for jitter & lag issues. Imagine how I used to feel before I got my Netduma  :o

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i used the dingo on combine just as it pisses ppl off lol most the time i used razor back.

i left when i started on infected at the church spawn ran down the right through the buildings just to see my team spawning at the other end so i turned around set of back to get near my starting spawn to see my team spawning there so back we go again got near to the house and yup my team is spawning im spotting all this on the map btw so back we go again and i get shot in the back ffs

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what was the one with the dog ghosts ?

im sat sniping out of a window and im doing ok and the next thing i know bang im dead.

on watching the kill cam some smart arse walks upto me and places the gun barrel on the back of my head and executes me fare shout as i would of done the same tbh , but wheres the dog ????? , the sodding thing is looking out of the same window as me ffs and as my corpse fell out of the window instead of attacking the guy that shot me it jumps out of the same window following my dead body .........

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Ha ha ha - There is an awesome clip of the MarkofJ (an amazing player if you have never seen him play - change that) where he is doing his beasting thing on Ghosts.


He finds a sniper, like the situation above, the guy is in the second story, with a window and a broken wall he is using for headglitch cover and there is a stairway below his position.


MarkofJ slips around the guys' line of sight, runs into the stairs and pauses to shoot some IED or something.  I don't remember why he paused, but he paused on the stairs before the guy could see him from the top landing.


The guys' dog, Riley, jumps out the window, lands on the ground, whips around and bites J's character on the ass and the kill cam was just Riley doing this super dog routine and his head literally disappears as he eats MarkofJ.  LMAO


J literally set his controller down and says something like "Man, you have got to be kidding me".  Total subdued, but in complete disbelief that just happened to him.


It was epic.

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