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Feature request: Implement timer for one device

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I'm a father of family and i'm interested in control how many hours can play my kid. 

I apreciate a function to close the connection all the nights automatically only for the console.


Sorry for my poor english and thanxs a lot for this great router!



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Some of these may have been listed but here's my wish list...


-Uptime counter

-Bandwidth Control per mac and/or ip

-netgear style NAT

-wan ip release and renew

-reboot scheduler

-ddns support for remote access

-ssh support

-system stats; temp, cpu usage, ram usage

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Yeah if anything just goto device manager & just block the ip they need to use on whatever device they play on simple as that & if its the xb1 or ps4 isn't there some type of parental settings there for things like that?

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The workaround for that doesnt really work if the device is not reserved with an ip when the user reboots their device they will have another ip and the block doesnt work anymore.


So what the OP has requested is valid and would help parents control their kids use of the internet without being on top of it.


I approve this request and I'm sure anyone with kids would too.

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