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Getting disconnected from WOT

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Ive been trying to playing World of Tanks on Xbox tonight. Ive not changed anything since the last night where it was running perfectly. Ive tried 4 games tonight and it will vary as to how much of the game i can play from 10 seconds after connection upto 4 minutes before it shows ive been disconnected. I have noticed im getting the Yellow Exclamation mark INSIDE the ring aswell?!

 Ive tried Strict on and off. 


UPDATE - So i thought id do a restart just incase you know (ive never had to do restarts on any router as much as this), i had 1 sucessfull game, started a second and its disconnected me again. 


UPDATE 2 - Ive checked in Device Manager and my xbox is listed but has no IP address displayed and no red line but im connected to Xbox live browsing the xbox store so i know im online. Also when i do a multiplayer test on xbox in Network Settings it says i have 100% Packet Loss but evidently that cant be true and im looking at games in the Xbox store. Done a Internet Diagnosis and im getting GOOD - GOOD - GOOD - Loss


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